Reiki Spiritual Healing and Its Benefits

Reiki spiritual healing can have many positive benefits. Reiki pronounced ‘raykee’ is the ancient art of healing physical, mental and emotional energy imbalances in the body.

It is widely practiced worldwide and Reiki practitioners undergo a process of attunement where they are initiated into the art and are able to transfer the energy to help to heal others.

During attunement the practitioner has energy transferred to them from a master of the art, which allows them to tap into symbols of power, mental and emotional and distance. This means that they can use this as a guide to heal patients.

Reiki spiritual healing is used to balance chakras in the body. It can be used to address a wide variety of problems stemming from emotional and mental problems through to physical conditions, which cause the patient discomfort. It can also be used to treat depression, anxiety and stress.

The patient remains fully clothed throughout and can remain sitting or lying down. Lying down is probably the most relaxing though! During the healing session the practitioner passes hands over the body without making physical contact. Patients experience full relaxation and peace. Sessions typically last around 30 to 60 minutes.

Often patients describe a warmth and tingling sensation and feel a deep sense of comfort. As everyone is different you may or may not feel this sensation, but most patients report a feeling of calm. The energy is transferred and imbalances are corrected. Therefore it is normal to experience an emotional response at the end of the session, although this varies from person to person.

Reiki spiritual healing can lead to a greater sense of self and over time can help to heal old negative attitudes and lead to accepting the person you are. It can provide inner peace and reinforce new and positive changes for moving forward.

Source by John Law