Reiki Therapy: A Form of Holistic Healing

Holistic healing refers to an approach in treating one’s body as a whole, and not just focusing solely on the physical aspect. Overall wellness is emphasized. This form of healing aims to promote balance in one’s entire being: the mind, body, and soul. Reiki therapy is one form of holistic healing.

The therapy’s name comes from the Japanese word ‘rei’, which means sacred and divine spirit, and ‘ki’, which means spiritual energy or life force. Reiki involves the use of one’s palms, transferring one’s energy or ‘ki’ to heal another, and balancing the energy between two bodies. It is believed that if one’s life energy is low, he or she is more likely to become physically and mentally ill than someone with a high level of energy.

This therapy aims to promote balance, wellness, and wholeness in one’s being, as well as develop positive mental thinking and feelings of intense relaxation, peace, and security. It’s also known to eliminate negative energy; many have reported positive results after undergoing Reiki therapy.

Anyone can use this safe and natural form of spiritual healing and development. During this method of holistic alternative medicine, the healer places his or her hands on the patient. The patient should be lying down, ready to receive the transfer of energy. It starts from the head down to the patient’s feet, with the healer’s hands at a small distance from the patient’s body. The practitioner’s hands are carefully arranged to stimulate the transfer of energy.

Both the healer and patient should participate in the healing session actively, for the therapy to work effectively. Reiki masters can teach this method to anyone, regardless of their age or cultural background. Masters teach the symbols and hand placements of this holistic healing method for students to be able to transfer energy from a distance and for them to be able to tap into an unlimited supply of energy within their bodies.

Reiki comes from a higher presence, and practicing Reiki puts them in a more elevated level of consciousness, making them more in touch with their spiritual beliefs. It encourages one to live a gracious and virtuous life, promoting peace and harmony. If you want to learn this holistic healing method, you can go online to look for Reiki classes and sessions in your area.

Source by Cleo Pascal