Repair Bail Arm BROKEN Into 3 Pieces | Part 1 | CAT 637 Scraper

This earthmoving part is completely broken into 3 pieces and we’re going to fix it! This is a Bail Arm off a twin drive push-pull Caterpillar 637 Scraper. The bail arm is used to hook up one scraper to another one in front of it so they can assist each other with taking big cuts. This bail arm has a lot of damage, both ends have broken off and one of the ends is bent. In this Part 1 video we show the step by step process of disassembling all the parts using an air arc gouger and grinding to prep them ready for assembly. We also use our 150 tonne hydraulic press to straighten the bent end before machining new pieces of hollow bar that will replace the broken sections of the bail arm.


In this video we are using:
– Lincoln Electric DC-400 welder
– Hafco HMP-150T Hydraulic press
– Hafco TM-26120G Centre Lathe

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