Restore Energy and Inner Balance – Tips For Healing Touch and Reiki Professionals and Their Clients

Energy work has been a very rewarding experience for me knowing that I have provided a pathway for a client to heal. Often times I have found my own energy dwindling or fading as the day or class went on. At the end of the week, I have felt my energy depleted even with clearing my energy each day and covering myself with white light.

For clients or students, many times their energy was all over the place; up, down, spiked etc. I wondered how was this going to affect their overall healing experience. How would this affect my energy in providing the space for them to heal?

I truly desired to be at my best and to keep my energy cleared, balanced and flowing for each client. For my clients or students, I wanted them to feel relaxed, centered and free from fears as we worked together. What could give me the results I so desired?

Recently I was introduced to a tool, which provided the answers I had been looking for. The tools are called Egyptian Healing Rods and they are making a tremendous difference.

Personally the Rods have enhanced my healing practice, by providing better focus, balance and sharpened intuition. They have increased my overall energy flow and kept me grounded and centered. They have been extremely beneficial when I use them between each client session for 5 minutes to cleanse the energy and to restore my own energy levels.

I also use the Rods to open the Chakras for myself and for clients. They also balance the Yin Yang energies and strengthen the body’s bio-field. I have also found that they increase the lasting effects of energy modalities.

Many times I have my clients use affirmations and intentions either during or between sessions, since the Rods strengthen our focus, the power of the intentions and affirmations are thus now increased.

My clients enjoy the relaxation and grounding effects they receive before having their sessions. During sessions, my clients use the Rods as they help them focus and keep them relaxed during their healing session. Since the Rods are known to reduce stress many clients desire their own set of Rods to use at home between sessions to reduce daily stress.

The Rods last a lifetime and I simply clear the energies between clients with a tuning fork. It is that simple.

There are many types of Rods so choosing one for me is certainly not the same that I would choose for clients. I truly like the Rods Kont for stress reduction, grounding and relaxation. Watch out for clients who are clinically diagnosed with low blood pressure as the Rods Kont naturally lowers blood pressure so this Rod is off limits to those individuals. The Quartz 2, are called the Universal Healers and are great for the majority of people. For healing professionals consider any of the Rods Crystal.

So if you are experiencing lost energy or just feeling exhausted after clients, you may like to consider the Rods as a tool for yourself first before sharing with your clients. I know these Rods can be a wonderful addition to your healing practice and the last affects of your modality.

For more detailed information and contraindications on the Egyptian Healing Rods please visit: or call 480-704-3095.

Source by Nancy Miiller