Right Use Of Words Connects To World Reality

Some people will view you as an elitist or a “know-it-all,” things like that. Don’t let that be your problem, for the real concern is whether or not the issue is based on the reasonableness of evidence, rather than on inappropriate assumptions. You are likely to discover unique things that disprove the false myths imbedded in colloquial or world orientation.

And even when hardly anyone agrees with it, the irresistible principle of language and probative evidence always come to the rescue, these never fail. The assertion of the meaning of words, their contextual value and connotative arrangements, are also vital to an equitable position on issues. I have learned not to compromise anything when it is inappropriate to do so, because you could be giving away the life blood of yours and others.

Self-preservation lies in a person’s dignity and it can only be preserved when we cultivate an independent ability to investigate and analyze the factors that are presented in various issues. Failure to protect the mind and belongings allows folks to take unfair advantage of you. I urge and promote self-reliance, which enables one to exercise basic defenses, to guard their interests. This does not mean that you need to attend any particular school to learn the necessary skills, because by simply paying attention to words you can assert their powers in arguing merits.

Somewhere along the way, I discovered the realization that I have the potential to do common investigation, something I realized when I took an exam for a state paralegal certification. If a person never develops enough understanding to do basic self-defense inquiry when situations arise, they will lose out on advantages to safeguard their interest and ward off unwelcomed attention.

Your life belongs to you and mine belongs to me, so there is a certain level of selfishness in all people, which tends to interfere with fairness. But when learning to make good distinction, a healthy degree of selfishness is a good thing. And like everything else, overdosing and becoming condescending and arrogant will always cause problems and run counter to your purpose. I think our senses are tools given to us to take care of our interest, in ways no one else can. Respect for oneself is first, equally to respect of others. I don’t want to overstate the concern for self-preservation, because such importance is hard to overstate.

However, it is to be noted that the things we speak either give something away, or we receive something. So it is the individual’s duty to be thoughtful about the words they use and about those used by others to the individual. I think people need to become highly word-consciousness, to be very sensitive and responsible in how they receive messages, and in how they deliver messages to others. This is crucial to each one’s comprehensive life structure, for their security, peace, progress and success.

Source by Timothy Aldred