Son Of Kong Movie Coming AFTER Godzilla Vs Kong? NEW Hollow Earth Titans Vs Kong? New King And More

Is it possible to see a Godzilla Vs Kong sequel following fans wishing for the MonsterVerse to continue? Is Son of Kong going to be the next movie? With the hashtag #ContinueTheMonsterVerse going around, will it be likely for Legendary to continue making MORE Godzilla and Kong movies in the future? Is it possible to see a Godzilla Vs Kong rematch one day? Or perhaps introduce NEW monsters that have never been seen before for both Kong and Godzilla to battle? Is is also possible to see another MechaGodzilla? or perhaps a possible Mecha King Ghidorah? Is this the end of the MonsterVerse or will there be more coming our way? Be sure to subscribe for more daily content!

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