Spiritual Living – Your Guide to Moving Along Your Spiritual Path

Spiritual living allows your life to flow in the direction of your dreams. Why? You are a Spiritual Being living a human experience. When you remember that fact you connect with your Spirit rather than live from your human ego that makes decisions based on your self-image and past experiences.

How do you change your life style over to one of spiritual living in a world where people scurry about and nothing can happen fast enough? You must take charge of how you want to live. Decide and do it.

You see you live in the 1 % world–the world you observe with your five senses. But that is the world of appearances. Until you learn how to see beyond appearances your spiritual journey will feel like wading through a quagmire. You will live life in slow motion despite the fact your pace feels too hurried.

To live in the 99% world you need to move out of the world your five senses know and open yourself to witnessing life in new ways.

How do you do that? First of all believe you can. Know, in your heart, that a bigger world really does exists and you can access it. I recommend keeping your new thoughts and discoveries to yourself. Why? Others who live in that 1% world (most of your family, friends and acquaintances) will tell you that you are nuts. They will tell you that you are wrong and what you say is not even remotely possible.

People fear what they do not know. They think they are protecting you when they give their close-minded free advice. Remember that you get what you pay for!

How do you find teachers to get you where you want to go spiritually? Ask. Your Spirit, your angels and your  spiritual guides are with you for just that purpose, to give you what you want, what you ask for and what you need to keep you safe.

Ah but you must ask in order to receive your answers.

The help may arrive in ways other than verbal or even visual messages. You want to stay open to the feelings, the intuitive feelings you get. Your intuition provides the synchronistic events that lead you to the people and places where the information and guidance you seek awaits you.

Fact: when the student is ready the teacher appears. When you sense that message to go some place at a particular time or do something you had not planned at all, even though it makes zero sense do it right away. That step is called taking inspired action – nspired by your Spirit, your angels, your guides or the Universe itself.

Don’t think about it. Don’t Question why. Just do it!

Source by Ali Bierman