Spiritual Quantum Physics "The Christos" Ye Are Gods!

Why do you get so uptight when I say or Neitzsche says, “You are gods”? I guess to be more correct we should say “You are potential Gods.”

There is a level of consciousness in the mind of God and the Quantum Ocean, that can be contacted by those who try to make that contact and pay the price. The influences and the power received from that level is called by the Ancient Greeks “The Christos.” Read the Greek bible.

This “Christos” state, power and influence can be and has been achieved by more than one historical person. The “Christos” is a label for a level of consciousness, a state that you, I or anyone can reach. And, we have unlimited incarnations to do so. Anyone reaching this level could be called “A Christ”. Therefore we are indeed are all “potential gods.”

Why have so few attained this state? Why have so few tried?

Mostly because as children we were all told that there can be only one Christ, one Son of God. So, if the position is already taken why try? But what about the Buddha, Lao Tse, Confucius, Sri-Auribindo, Krishna Murti? To name just a few of the more well known modern day “Christs.”

Yes, I said “Christs.” Because it is a label for a level of consciousness attained in the Mind of God. Surely they have reached that level.

For all you and I know, in this materialistic, dogmatic religious controlled world, there may be 10,000 of them spread throughout the billions of people on the planet.

Not all have religions named after them nor books written by them or for them.

But we live in an energy universe, not a physical one and the power, influence, energy that they touch, contact and become open to is from the energy of the Mind of God who created the whole thing. Energy creating energy.

The “Christos” energy is what keeps humanity afloat.

A single “Christ Conscious” hermit living in a cave in Tibet does more to help and heal humanity that all the dogmatic priests, rabies and mullahs. Learn to pray in the closet! Not out in your fine robes.

The Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us that all is mind. That we live, move and have our being within an infinite, intelligent ocean called the Quantum Ocean. Which in reality is the Mind of God.

This is the time of the Mind. It is the time for new thoughts. It is a time for the raising of one’s consciousness.

On the planet Earth there are billions of souls spanning an infinite range of levels of consciousness.

It is time to leave the levels of bestial consciousness and rise to the level of consciousness called “The Christos.” Why stand ye there gazing outwards? Go within that is where the “Christos Consciousness” dwells.

Indeed, like Nietzsche said “We are all Gods.” Many there are who would love to go to heaven but very, very, few who are willing to pay the price.

Source by Ellis Peterson