Spiritual Self Sufficiency

The real power of spiritual self sufficiency is in our connection to the deepest reality. What I mean by the deepest reality is to understand that all is one and one is all at the deepest and shallowest levels. It is that simple, yet I will break it down even simpler and more understandable throughout the article.

Personally when I think of spiritual self sufficiency, I think of the connection with everything that makes us a genuine and definite part of God, or a part of God in the making in this sense: Understanding reality takes a certain consciousness, a deep consciousness and understanding of the genuine nature of consciousness which is dynamic and not static. It is the over soul within us realized fully, right down to genuinely controlling our reality with our best thoughts and activated intentions that are genuinely passionate.

Also, we are in consistent realization that we create our own reality with God. God or the devil does not “cause” our “bad luck”. We cause our bad or good things through our genuine and passionate free will used in either way. When it is good, it is spiritual self sufficiency. When it is bad and we are “not in control”, it is “bad luck” or whatever. Indeed, perception either way is power and when unconscious, that perception ends up a disaster, with consciousness that perception ends up power rightly used.

Yes, the only suffering or pleasure is what we accept for ourselves. The winner and the loser is within us then, and nowhere else. That is the genuine key to spiritual self sufficiency in reality, anything outside of ourselves is the fantasy. So, start here by thinking about reality differently and everything will be different. I did not say good or bad, just different, it can go either way we need in our time.

So, success and failure are not events, they are consciousness and nothing else. I am not fancying this fact, this is the purest of reality within us (first) and outside of us (second). It does not matter if you agree or disagree with it, just look at the life, perceptions and realities of anyone with understanding and genuine objectivity. Indeed, a genuinely subjective view is to consider everything as “happening from outside” and judging blindly without considering consciously and in a fully balanced way anyway. All we have to do is think, act, and generate the proper results to really succeed. Everything else is failure.

Source by Joshua Clayton