Spiritually Empowered Woman

The spiritually empowered woman is enriched with inner strength and self-esteem.

Spirituality is about wholeness/holiness/alignment with the emotional, intellectual, psychic and physical self. Spirituality connects the Consciousness/Inner-self with the emotional, intellectual, and physical self (Body, Mind, Spirit). This bridge leads to Women’s Spiritual Empowerment. The spiritually empowered woman has become fully self-aware and has awakened these divine qualities, her Goddess within; awakening the consciousness. This deepened awareness is empowering because it reveals moments of a higher inspiration which points to a dimension of self that imbues an energy, confidence and strength to pursue her higher purpose.

As she has rediscovered herself through awakening her consciousness, she knows how to move through the world with power and grace.

Empowerment holds the key to freedom and raising the status of women in the society. Economic independence and the financial security come with it. It gives self-confidence to a woman.

She knows her worth and her divine qualities; she is a planet of faith.

Spirituality is all about wellbeing and wholeness. Women’s Spirituality is a bridge between her body and Goddess within. When a woman is well-equipped with spiritual power within and self-awareness she can maintain her self-confidence and self-esteem even in the face of difficulties in life such as challenging relationships, financial or job-related stresses, and the day-to-day issues many women deal with in fulfilling their responsibilities.

She knows how much to give and how much to take by choice NOT by force. As her life is her own creation, she lives with self-confidence and self-initiation. She has power to speak the truth with courage and strength. She knows now she is the wisdom of mankind and powerhouse to enrich the world.

The spiritually empowered woman embraces the fullness of who she is as an individual. This gives her the strength to reach out to and offer help to other women. By living fully in herself, the spiritually empowered woman moves towards others not from a place of need or desire for outward validation, but from an inner drive to bond in sisterhood, beyond self-concern and insecurities, to help others reach their fullest potential.

She, like a Universal Mother, is Chosen by God to bring forth new life because she is loving, caring and sharing. As she has realized the Divine Power within, she lives by choices NOT by chances.

For decades the women’s movement has helped affect a sea change in the level of respect and empowerment afforded women at all levels of society. Worldwide there are well regarded leaders in government and industry that are women.

Yet what’s lacking is a fundamental core belief that these women are serving a role that they feel isn’t detracting from who they are as women. Historically and culturally, women’s roles have been defined biologically; that they first are wife and mother. As Elizabeth Debold and Mary Adams write in the 5th of the Ten Agreements, “while for thousands of years, the identity of a woman has been inseparable from being mother or lover, I no longer build my fundamental sense of self and confidence on roles that spring from woman’s biological function. While I may consciously CHOOSE to take on these roles or not, I am actively cultivating a self-confidence that comes from a deeper dimension of my self”.

The spiritually empowered woman sees beyond these constraints and has the confidence, at her center, of her own direction. Self-awareness and spiritual empowerment are the keys to freedom and raising the status of women in the society (Financially, socially), whether they decide to pursue having a family, a career or both.

The spiritually empowered woman is no longer a poor woman; she is full of Love, Peace and Anandam and ready to share with the world.

Spiritually empowered women have attained a full awareness of themselves at their deepest dimension which generates a more profound relationship with life. By tapping into this dimension, our attention is redirected from our lower impulses thereby radically changing our relationships and the bonds we forge with other women and with men. We become equal strength and supportive to one another.

“The Spiritually Empowered Woman Creates Global Empowerment”

Source by Satya W Kalra