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Dear Jane – 地球空心論 Hollow Earth (feat. Young Hysan) (Official Music Video)

Dear Jane – 地球空心論 Hollow Earth (feat. Young Hysan) (Official Music Video) Dear Jane 地核狂想曲《地球空心論》 「潛入地核 找另一種浪漫 信另一種搖滾」 地球表面烏煙瘴氣, 人類的劣根性破壞了許多美好的事物, 有些價值變得難以置信。 我說我信「浪漫」,你說你只信科學; 我信「想像」,你只信現實; 我信「信任」,你不信人性。 我信「真愛」,你不信我愛你。 你說我不設實際, 因為我相信許多看不見、聽不見、觸不到的東西。 你說我有妄想症, 要我提供證據證明這些東西存在。 我沒有證據,但想你信我一次, 讓我帶你到地球以內, 看一看那個只有我相信的世界, 尋回一些人類失去了的價值。 #DearJane #YoungHysan #地球空心論 —————— 曲:Howie@Dear Jane 詞:林寶 (Rap Lyrics: Young Hysan) 編:Dear Jane / 黃兆銘 監:Howie@Dear Jane / 關禮琛 / Tim@Dear Jane […]

The Science & Theories of MOONFALL

Sci-fi filmmaker Roland Emmerich, writer and director of such films as Stargate, 1998’s Godzilla and Independence Day is returning to the big screen with his latest sci-fi disaster flick Moonfall. In this video I’d like to discuss what we know so far about this film including exploring the real science of the Moon and the […]

Our Narrow Slice

SOURCES AND MORE INFO BELOW: Jared Diamond’s “The World Until Yesterday”: music by: youtube.com/jakechudnow Follow Michael Stevens: more on WEIRD: incorrect predictions: More famous INCORRECT predictions: history of miscegenation: debunked scientific beliefs: Hollow Earth: Hollow Concave Earth: Concave Earth spying attempt: Scathing reviews of masterpieces: Thomas Midgley, Jr.: QI clip about Midgley: Inventors killed by […]

Hollow Earth Theory Explained In Telugu || భూమి లోపల మరో ప్రపంచం దాగి ఉందా ? || Telugu Facts

people have believed that there is another world lying under the earth.The picture of the structure of the Earth that has been arrived at through the study of seismic waves[50] is quite different from a fully hollow Earth. The time it takes for seismic waves to travel through and around the Earth directly contradicts a […]

10 Horrible Ways To Die in JURASSIC WORLD! Ep 1 | In-Depth Analysis |

⚠️ WARNING: This video contains graphic depictions and scenes that may be unsuitable for some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised ⚠️ Buy these dinosaurs and more in this poster! Dinosaur/Creatures Poster : This episode will cover 10 of Isla Nublar’s most dangerous dinosaurs and creatures that can put a definitive end to you in the […]

History of Fireplace Tools

Many different fireplace tools are used when it comes to building and maintaining fires in home fireplaces and each one of these tools has a different story to be told as to how they came to appear on your fireplace hearth. This history will deal with the andiron, bellows, pokers and fireplace screens. Also included […]

Quotations #9

*Great men are the gifts of kind heaven to our poor world; instruments by which the Highest One works out His designs; light-radiators to give guidance and blessing to the travelers of time. Moses Harvey. *Grief, like a tree, has tears for its fruit. Bulwer-Lytton. *She grieves sincerely who grieves unseen. Martial. *Well has it […]

The Theology of Avatar

Much has been written about James Cameron’s new epic Avatar… about it stunning 3D visual effects, big budget, etc., but I haven’t seen much written about the theology or mythology behind it. There seems to be a subtle, maybe even sophisticated, theology behind the story. I noticed a few things, and I wanted to jot […]