10 Horrible Ways To Die in JURASSIC WORLD! Ep 1 | In-Depth Analysis |

⚠️ WARNING: This video contains graphic depictions and scenes that may be unsuitable for some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised ⚠️

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This episode will cover 10 of Isla Nublar’s most dangerous dinosaurs and creatures that can put a definitive end to you in the worst ways possible. Be warned as today these dinosaurs will show no mercy in our analysis simulations. So if you enjoy this type of stuff please consider subscribing and liking this video so we can reach a wider audience and make more of these videos!

1. Velociraptor
2. Triceratops
3. Dilophosaurus
4. Stegosaurus
5. Ankylosaurus
6. Carnotaurus
7. Pteranodon
8. Scorpios Rex
9. T rex
10. Indominus Rex.