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A New Science-Art Solution to the Global Information and Communications Epidemic

The ethical evolutionary growth and development of the human condition is extremely complex. The task of advancing human evolution involves the recognition of past scientific mistakes and acting accordingly. Modern science has classified itself as an incurable carcinogenic state leading to certain extinction and that is not ethical. Ancient Greek science on the other hand, […]

Hollywood, Aliens, And A Christmas Story – Modern Pop Culture Images Of Hungarians in the US

“They’re heeeeerrrrreeeeee…”: Alien-(n)ation. One of the most enduring and entertaining images of Hungarians during the second half of the 20th century is the idea of Hungarians as aliens or Martians. Much of this is tongue-in-cheek, is not intended to be pejorative, and has been exploited to good effect and with great enjoyment by Hungarians themselves […]

Twin Souls – Flames

The universe exists within its own laws and principles; which can be defined by science, revered by religion or remain an infinite enigma. One of the universes principles is the law of polarity. Whether it may be light or dark; positive or negative; yin or yang; male or female; proton or electron; heaven or earth; […]

Time Crystals and Society

The people appointed by governments to look after infectious diseases include highly trained epidemiologists. They have identified the existence of what they refer to as a global 3D epidemic transmitted by the mass manufacture of dysfunctional communication and information devices. They have no antidote to the sociological damage that the epidemic is causing. Not one […]