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Hollow Inside: Filling the Emptiness

Welcome to ThriveChurch! We are so glad you are joining us. We encourage you to comment below to share with others about what parts of the service stand out to you. ————————————————————————————————————————————– 00:00 – Hollow Inside God wants to fill the _________________ in your life. 02:11 – [John 20:11, 14-16] Mary was standing outside the […]

God’s word, flat-earth, and inerrancy; What is the Bible allowed to get wrong?

What do we do when the Bible says something that is simply factually incorrect? In this episode, Dave explores one example and looks at how different people (Latter-day Saints or otherwise) might approach those scenarios. Video transcript and additional notes: Latter-day Saint bible scholar Ben Spackman tirelessly provides excellent resources that help both members and […]