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Understanding Humanity’s Theories of the Universe | Big History Project

Geocentric to heliocentric, and beyond. An overview of the major changes in the way people have viewed the Universe. ​​Like what you see? This video is part of a comprehensive social studies curriculum from OER Project, a family of free, online social studies courses. OER Project aims to empower teachers by offering free and fully […]

CONSPIRACY THEORIES & what the bible says (FLAT EARTH, Watchers, Enoch, & HELL?)The Underground #74

The Underground with Joel Richardson show #74 In this episode, Joel interviews Dr. Heiser on a range of relevant and controversial issues. Flat Earth, Enoch, the Watchers, Hell, and Gog. Why people are attracted to conspiracy theories like flat earth – and why are they dangerous? Help us get these videos into every language TRANSLATION: […]

NIGHTWISH – Greatest Show On Earth REACTION #nightwish #greatestshow #reaction #firsttime #gsoe

Exploring @nightwish and the big masterpiece many of you have been waiting for: The Greatest Show on Earth! And what a show it was!!! SUBSCRIBE & Enjoy the Ride! SAY THANK YOU WITH COFFEE 🙂 SHOP LATEST COLLECTION BECOME A PATRON patreon.com/rosaliereacts ________________________________ CONNECT Follow me on instagram.com/rosaliereacts _______________________________ My Own Music Here: youtube.com/roseesongs facebook.com/theofficialrosee […]

RFK Jr’s campaign of conspiracies: ‘The leader of everybody’s brain worms’

NBC News senior reporter Brandy Zadrozny: “RFK Jr. has really chosen to gobble up the spotlight at a time when he is the leader of everybody’s brain worms.” » Subscribe to MSNBC: Follow MSNBC Show Blogs MaddowBlog: ReidOut Blog: MSNBC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis of politics headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives. […]

Why We Can Never Meet a Type 7 Civilization

Why We Can Never Find a Type 7 Civilization ► Subscribe: The speed and power of computers has been doubling every one to two years since the 1960s and 70s. And now artificial intelligence, combined with that computing power, could be poised to solve some of technology’s biggest barriers. But scientists now say humanity is […]