10 INSANE Universe Theories You Won’t Believe!

10 INSANE Universe Theories You Won’t Believe!

Thousands of years ago, philosophers and scientists believed the Earth was flat, and in their time, they were right. Today, astronomers are battling with theories like the big rip, which says the world will end in a massive explosion shattering all forms of life and shrinking us into nothingness. Others say time will come to a halt, and we will be frozen like a snapshot. Will we ever truly understand how this world came to be or how it’ll end?
In today’s video we look at 10 INSANE Universe Theories You Won’t Believe!…Keep watching to see 10 insane universe theories you’ll never forget. These universe theories are theories about the universe. and space news about universe based on theories of the universe. There are many theories and we give you 10 universe theories. Each universe theory including parallel universe theories about our universe and facts about the universe as well as future of the universe. Enjoy these 10 insane universe theories of the universe of ours and parallel universes and future of the universe. There are many insane universe theories.

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