Tantric Massage: Enchanting Art of Tantra for Well-Being and Spiritual Growth

One of the core statements of Tantric philosophy is the idea that sexual activities can be much more than mere pleasure. Sexual energy can bring numerous rewards apart obvious, if one has necessary skills and knowledge to manage it properly.

It can unclog the blockages of energy in the body, thus relieving psychophysical symptoms of stress, giving you more vitality and energy, stronger health, boost of creative ideas and enhanced perception of arts, increased personal efficiency and problem solving abilities, profound insights into the nature of things, and ultimately, the blissful experience of unity with everything, were personal boundaries fade away and deep realization of own divine nature takes place.

Tantra has many techniques which can help a practitioner to master their sexual energy for the benefits of body, mind and spirit. Among them is Tantric massage, which is an integral part of complex Tantric Arts.

For centuries Tantric massage was a technique available exclusively to the adepts of Tantra who spent many years in training. But now as times change and world becomes one huge global village, ancient secrets find their way to wider audiences. And luckily, Tantric massage is available in London now. In this article modern, London based experts of Tantric arts are explaining the principles of Tantric massage.

Proper flow of energy in the body ensures smooth flow of life, positive emotions and sound health. Tantric massage, when done correctly, helps balance the flow of energy, realign important energy centers and strengthen body’s self-regulation system. Not only will you feel revitalized (some use the word reborn), but you will also notice the numerous benefits of Tantric massage unfolding with the time, especially if you use it regularly.

Sexual energy has a tremendous power. The whole Universe was created was created by sexual energy, quite literally. In Hindu mythology The Supreme Deity has two aspects, male and female, and their constant interplay creates all things visible and invisible, in every moment. The Divine Creative principle is sexual, in its nature.

And part of this primordial power, Shakti-Kundalini, lives in every one of us. When awakened, it enriches one’s life with beauty and grace of divine quality.

During the millennia in puritanical society of Europe these facts were not known, and even the sexual revolution of the 20th century brought sexual freedom, but not sexual wisdom. But now it’s time to get awake and become aware of the unlimited potential of sexual energy and use it responsibly for the own well-being and happiness, and not just mindlessly waste it around.

Being the heart of many revolutionary beginnings in culture and society, now London is pioneering in bringing Tantric philosophy and practice to the general public. Keen and eager spiritual seekers who spent years in learning eastern approaches to sexuality proudly bring their knowledge to the guests and residents of British capital. Several Tantric agencies had been opened in London in the last years. One of them is Shakti massages, young but promising company who not only offers Tantric therapies, but also educates people about Tantric arts.

Tantric massage is a perfect – and pleasant – method of sexual education. This massage allows you to better understand and explore in depth all the aspects of you sexuality. The huge potential of this vital power can be discovered, tapped into, and used for the accomplishment of virtually any aspiration.

Yet even the very basic effects of Tantric massage are highly advantageous, too. These include increased and finely-tuned sensory perception and awareness, amplified sexual pleasure, better ejaculation control (and resolved ejaculation problems) and deeper connection with your partner.

But remember that at first and foremost, Tantric rituals serve a goal of self-discovery and personal growth.

For centuries Tantric teachings and techniques were esoteric knowledge, available only to a handful of chosen, but now you can conveniently experience Tantric massage in London.

Source by Siri Shakti