The Do’s & Don’ts Of Performing A Successful Seance

Do not tamper or play with the spirits and spirit world unless you are prepared for all the ramifications that come with it. Always ensure your own safety as well as the others who sit in the circle with you. Always set your boundaries when performing a séance.

1: Séance participants gather in a circle around a comfortable table.

2: Place a white candle and an symbolic symbol of protection in the center of the circle that you have blessed and said a prayer of protection over.

3: Turn off the phone and anything else that creates loud disturbing sounds and noises as well always remove pets to another room. Remove any potentially distracting objects (such as wind chimes) to avoid unwanted noises.

4: Dim the lights to a comfortable level or you can actually turn them off if you choose and use a couple of candles in the room to create soft comfortable lighting, go with what ever feels right and comfortable too you.

5: Ask all participants that are gathered sitting around the table to place their hands upon the table, with their fingers slightly spread to allow each pinkie finger on each persons hands too gently touch with his neighbor on either side.

6: Begin with a pre chosen opening prayer which should be short and sweet, designed to state benevolent purposes and to offer protection for all involved.

7: Concentrate then on opening your circle to the arrival of spirits for a few moments. Give this a sufficient amount of time, ask if there are any spirits present.

8: Continue to keep focusing always upon the spirits in the room. Ask the spirits relevant questions which can be easily answered by the easy indications of “yes” or “no” answers.

9: Always communicate with the spirits to the best of your abilities and with common sense, ( It is not a joke so keep all puns out of the séance ) until you feel that it is time to end the session, or until you begin to feel tired.

10: Always end the séance by bidding a farewell to the spirits in the room, and state your gratitude for their participation in your meeting and send them back and on their way.

11: Always end the séance with a closing prayer similar to that which you opened with.


1: Always remain alert at all times, some spirits can be false and terrible manipulating liars and I cannot stress this enough always remain calm and stress free, because Spirits do sense tension in a person, just as earthbound creatures do. Display a feeling of alertness and serenity.

2: If you should contact a harmful spirit which joins your séance, ask it to leave immediately and recite your opening protection prayer. If it doesn’t work the first time repeat the process with firmness but not with anger in your tone of voice or in your feelings.

3: Be very wary and careful when dealing and handling spirits from another place and time. Treat them with respect and use your instincts by knowing when it is time to put the event to a halt.

4: Don’t ever allow participants who you think wont or couldn’t handle a séance psychologically., especially children, you should never involve them.

5: Never break the circle by letting go of hands in the middle of a séance, this will allow the spirit to remain on the earth plain and cause havoc if it chooses too.

6: Always end the séance by sending the spirit back too whence it came and always close the circle and end it with a closing and protective prayer. If you don’t do this it can remain on this earthy plain to create havoc if it chooses too.

7: Never trust a spirit on faith, as I have said, they can fool us with manipulative lies. If they claim to be someone you know, test the spirit with questions only that person who once knew you with questions only the real person can answer. WARNING : When testing a spirit with such questions to prove validation, keep the answers from your mind as they can read your thoughts.

8: Never provoke a spirit, especially a spirit who appears troublesome.

Source by Shannon Thomas