The Metaphysics of Love For Personal Development and Spiritual Evolution

Love is Metaphysical and it is the core of our personal development and spiritual evolution. Love reaches beyond our physical reality. Yes, love is a soul experience and when it is unconditional, its powers are far reaching.

Love is Metaphysical because it has flow and frequency. One could say there is a Metaphysics to love. And that would be to let it flow and as it flow, it heals, restores, and rejuvenates. Love is the key to our personal and spiritual evolution because love shows us how to grow.

Love itself is a universal and spiritual law. Love is the continual energy that flows throughout all life. The ALL is the source of love. The ALL is Supreme Love.

Many of us do not allow the vibration of love to increase the quality of our life for fear that it will compromise our intentions, desires, purpose, and ambitions. However, love is what makes our purpose possible. Love has the power to heal, motivate, inspire, and empower us. When we lack the motivation to live our soul purpose we must ask ourselves: “How is my love life? How is love flowing in and out of my life? What am I doing to increase the vibration of the energy of love?”

Love is not scarce nor is it limited. There is more than enough love contrary to how things appear. The travesty is there is so much love energy that goes unused by us until we have societal problems such as strong addictions, broken and dysfunctional families, wars, hate crimes, murder, and suicide.

But who will be those brave souls that allow love to flow? Let love flow in our lives. Let love flow even when we feel pain, disappointment, and frustration-for all these things are embryos of fear. When this fear is fully grown, it becomes hatred, bitterness, jealousy, and despair.

The life that many of us lead is void of love. We feel disconnected with our families, friends, and lovers. We continue with the everyday mundane tasks and there is no connection with the people in our lives. The other extreme is those of us who feel we have to fight for love. We have to stand-out more than the next person in order to win love. We have to be the most attractive. We have to be the most successful. We have to be the most intelligent, yet still we feel inadequate.

Each day we live with the fear that love will be taken from us. The nagging voice in the back of our minds says, “They are going to figure you out and when they do it will be over. They will all turn their backs on you. You are a fraud.”

Many people have deprived themselves of love energy flowing in their lives. This void taps out and exhausts their creativity, motivation, and makes a many talented and gifted people appear incompetent.

A number of us need to re-charge and raise our love vibration. Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. When our love vibration increases, every positive thing in our lives increase-our wealth, health, wisdom. We lead lives of abundance and prosperity because the seed of all goodness in the Universe is Love.

The simplicity of love amazes us even though it is immensely potent. Just for a moment, sit and imagine a person you love and hold dear to your heart. Imagine their words as they speak. Think about all their acts of kindness. How do they know all the right words to say? How could their very presence make your heart beat a little faster and trigger your spirit to want more from life while discovering your life purpose?

Love does not clog the mind; in fact, it releases the creativity, wisdom, and answers that may be trapped therein. Too often we view love as a distraction-a detour off the course of our life purpose when it is the very essence of what calls us to purpose. It cures the lacerations of disappointment. It soothes the thrashes of weariness. Love is our one true source of power. Without it, we are parsons of our own destruction and prophets of our own demise. And this leads to self-destructive behaviors which limit and stagnates our personal development and spiritual evolution.

Our only hope is that we have the courage to allow love to flow through us, consequently, increasing our love vibration. This courage will lead us to the freedom and wholeness only love can provide. As we connect with ourselves and others around us we will find inner peace, our life purpose, and self-fulfillment. And this inner peace and self-fulfillment will lead to our spiritual evolution and personal development.

Source by Carmellita M. Brown