The Origin of the Flood Myth and finding an ancient Creation Myth

If you think flood myths started with the Biblical story of Noah, or the Epic of Gilgamesh, you’d be mistaken. In this video I look at a phylogenetic study about the origin of the Flood Myth, to find out where it started, and when. And in doing so I also discover a very early form of creation myth, and you won’t find these answers in Genesis, in fact what we discover are versions of a very old flood story indeed, one of the oldest stories in the world.

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0:00 Introduction
2:42 Hidden Flood Myths
3:56 Are all Flood Myths the same?
5:56 Berezkin’s Database of Motifs
7:11 How the data was analyzed
8:02 Potential issues and their potential effect
10:47 How do myths spread?
13:09 The spread of myth
14:57 Results of the Study – The Diffusion of Myth
18:47 Study 1: Out of Africa?
21:19 Study 1: Out of America or Asia?
22:10 Study 2: Evolution of Motif
23:39 Finding a Creation Myth
26:52 The Deluge and Conflagration Combined
27:39 Hurting someone to trigger a Deluge
28:23 Conclusion