The Power of Shamanic Healing by Dr Alberto Villoldo

Do you feel like you are broken into a million pieces physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Do you feel like you have lost your zest and energy for life? Do you feel like you are stuck somewhere you do not want to be? If you answered yes to these three questions, then The Power of Shamanic Healing by Dr. Alberto Villoldo is the right book for you.

For ten thousand years, the shamans from the high mountains of the Andes and the deep forests of the Amazons have been working and forging on an extraordinary healing tradition, one that is powerful, spiritual, and natural. This exceptional healing practice is recognized as luminous energy healing. However, this was done exclusively among their own folk, and for a long time, this healing exercise was unknown to the rest of the world.

The shamans and tribesmen were successful in keeping their healing practice a secret, but when a man by the name of Dr. Albert Villoldo traveled to the Amazon and the Andes to discover more of their culture and traditions, the ritual was a secret no more. Dr. Villoldo was one of the few men from the West who had managed to garner the trust of the shamans. The shamans decided to tell Dr. Villoldo of their special healing practice. Thus, The Power of Shamanic Healing was born, and this healing tradition became known to all corners of the world.

You need not travel expensively to the Andes Mountains or the Amazon forests. You can find all you need to know in the book, and it is almost like the shamans themselves are sharing their secrets to you. The luminous energy healing aims to heal an individual from all sorts of spiritual ailments. The practice also aims to help prevent the occurrence of illness and to provide a speedy recovery after an operation or surgery. The shamans hold the belief that yes, one can be cured by Western medicine, but being cured does not in any way translate to being healed.

The Power of Shamanic Healing by Dr. Albert Villoldo propagates just that concept. For instance, imagine you are afflicted with some kind of illness, and for you to be cured, one of your organs need to be removed. However, Dr. Villoldo believes the infected energy is present still, and this infected energy will manifest itself in other means and ways. Hence, you are still sick. The healing practice of the shamans involves working with the luminous energy field found in every individual and clearing away the energetic imprints that cause disease or illness.

Aside from these benefits, The Power of Shamanic Healing by Dr. Albert Villoldo also teaches you to heal and awaken your “body of light.” It also teaches you to bring balance not only to your body, but also to your soul and to the earth. You will also discover the secrets to reestablish your ties to nature and to identify and remove the presence of infected energy, resulting to more peace of mind. You will also be taught breathing techniques to help you boost your energy, ground yourself, and cleanse your lungs. If you think this is a lot, think again. The book will teach you all these and more.

The Power of Shamanic Healing by Dr. Albert Villoldo may just be the healing guide you need for a better life. Go ahead, grab a copy now and be ready to experience shamanic healing like no other.

Source by Ben Sanderson