The Spirit Of Dominion


THE SPIRIT OF DOMINION: is the Holy Spirit that empowers the totality of man to rule over the earth and life circumstances.

DOMINION: is the authority to rule, take charge, manage or control what is placed in your care.



The earth is the solid part of the planet with everything within it. The animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and aquatic kingdom where subjected to mankind. The earth is God’s property given to man to manage and explore. The secondary assignment of God for man was to rule the earth from the Garden of Eden. This was demonstrated by Adam in naming the animals and watering the plants, ensuring that everything made by God fulfills its purpose. God has put man in charge to manage the earth from the beginning. But when he fell from God’s standards for righteous compliance the devil took over the mandate of dominion of the earth from him. Man who was a legal occupant became a mere slave to the devil and all his manipulations when he surrendered this right rulership. Frankly, the Spirit of dominion which gives man power over God’s property and Satan’s strategy left him when fell. He was disconnected from the life of God (Spirit of dominion) and chased out of the place of fellowship with Him, but it was not yet over for him. Therefore, the fall of man was a fall from dominion mandate.


The devil and his cohorts are bodiless illegal beings on earth. Though were cast out by God from heaven to the earth as a result of their willful plot to ascend the place of God Almighty. As the devil didn’t succeed in his carefully laid down plan to overthrow God in heaven; he automatically plotted this evil against man. God made man like Himself to be in charge over the earth knowing fully well that devil has come down here on earth to stay for a while. Man was created to have dominion over Satan and his systematic influence in this world. But the devil took over the place of man by deception. However, when Jesus died on the cross and was buried and resurrected, He came up with a new kind of life and was raised by the Spirit of dominion that conquers the devil and the worldly system. Therefore, whosoever, believes in the finished work of grace by Christ Jesus on the cross; receives the Spirit of dominion will execute his original mandate by God.


The kind of life that Adam inherited from God in the beginning; was a life that knew no sin and was not made subject to sickness and death; until Adam was disconnected from the Spirit of dominion. But thank God for the coming of the last Adam- Christ Jesus who has restored man to the place of dominion by the Holy Spirit. The power of sin is broken; sickness has been taken care by the stripes of Jesus. The death of Jesus on the cross has deprived death of its power and reveals its futility over humanity. The problem of man is longer sin but ignorance of their redemptive rights in Christ Jesus.


1. YOU MUST BE BORN OF GOD 1John 5:1-5

The life of God is a supernatural life possessed by the natural man who has received Him. Being born of God is when the Holy Spirit has recreated the human spirit by the word of God. This rebirth is a spiritual phenomenon that is obtained by faith via the impartation of the Holy Spirit. It is also known as eternal life, being born again or regeneration. This kind of life helps you to live and walk in dominion in this world of sin. There is no natural man that can live above the law of sin and death that controls his actions and gives sin dominion over his life; except he submits to the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus.

2. YOU MUST LIVE AND WALK BY FAITH 2Cor. 5:7, Heb. 2:4, 10:36, 11:6, Rom. 1:17, Gal. 3:11

The Christian life is impossible without the operation of faith in the human spirit and the help of the Holy Spirit. The Bible says that the victory by which we overcome the world is our faith. Our faith is a spiritual requirement to excel in our Christian walk. To live by faith means that everything you do is an act of faith by being conscious of your spiritual state. And to walk by faith means to demonstrate your invisible believe in God in the visible world. In other words, living out your convictions and confessions in this world of confusion.


Prayer is one the ways to exercise and maintain your dominion over the earth. The mission of Jesus didn’t start until He took time to pray and to overcome He continued in prayers. The life of prayer is a life that empowers and emboldens your human spirit to soar above Satan and life circumstances. When we pray we commit God into the scene of our faced situations of life. Nothing changes until we decide to change it on our knees. Sometimes, the most careless aspect of many Christians is usually their prayer life and devil seeks such an opening to launch an attack or reinforce against us.

4. RULE YOUR WORLD WITH GOD’S WORD. Pro. 18:4; 20-21

The world from the beginning of creation was framed and still upheld by the word of God. It is with God’s word that you can recreate your future and maintain your dominion over the world. There is no situation that God’s word cannot change if only you can believe in the efficacy of His word and also confess it. Everything in life responds to what you say. The greatest power of humans lies in their thoughts and on their tongues. You are either saved, safe or enslaved by what you say.

Source by Uchendu Ikechukwu Kingsley