The Tenth Insight – Holding the Vision by James Redfield

In this sequel to his novel, The Celestine Prophecy in which he presents 9 insights, Redfield suggests that we need to visualize the future we want; then we can know what to pray for, what to expect. We have the choice to see the world crumbling, or we can see the future of us progressing. We are gradually awakening to our spirituality, knowing who we really are, beginning to understand the bigger picture and plan for our planet. We can start to watch how we treat others and our thoughts and expectations because they have an impact. “We either fear that human culture is falling apart, or we can hold the vision that we are awakening.”

Redfield’s characters understand the importance of animals and their messages, such as rabbits represent fear, crows are a spiritual sign, hawks foreshadow a message, eagles present an opportunity to venture into the spirit world and wolves are teachers. The owl represents the ability to see through possible deception from others. This is part of our future, to connect with the world around us, to recognize that we are part of nature. In noticing these animals, as they cross our paths, we allow them to help us in our growth. We begin to see them as part of the coincidences in our lives and know there is a reason.

In the novel, Redfield discusses the ability to raise our vibrations to be invisible to those around us, moving out of the third dimension through higher vibrations. While this may seem fantasy, it reminds us that raising our vibrations, raising our energy, is what will bring us to a new world view. Whether we learn to leave this vibrational level or not at this point is less important than that we work on increasing our energy in a positive way for our future growth. This is the way to the fourth dimension and higher. We will be able to move there when the time is right if we have done the appropriate work on improving ourselves and helping others.

There are soul groups who are connected to us and help us when needed. This is part of the importance of groups of people working together to complete tasks. Each person within a group is helped by his or her soul group on the other side. We don’t use energy from one another, that is co-dependency, but we pull in energy from the Universe, from our divine Source, and use that to supplement one another.

We can’t help others if we try to stop them out of fear of what they’re doing. If we fear them, that gives our enemies energy, something to fight against. Only our strong, positive energy will allow them to see/feel their better side or somehow divert their negative impulses or activities. We can help them see what they are really here to do, not the violence they may be engaging in currently. Our lesson is to embrace our enemies and learn to love them as humans. We can help stop them with positive energy, not anger. Anger and hate are a dark version of who we are.

Redfield’s message is especially effective today as we face the threats of extremists. What if we all began sending positive energy to counteract their negativity? What if we stopped our anger and hatred and focused on loving other humans even if they are misguided. Fear will not solve problems. Loving energy can.

Source by Cheryl A. Chatfield, Ph.D.