The Two Major Relationships of the Spirit in Jesus in the Physical Universe

All ideas and experiences of the different forms of reality that souls encounter spring forth from the thoughts and designs of the incorruptible, always-existing being called Ultimate Truth, Ultimate God, or ALL-Truth. He did so through his viceroy, the son, whom Christendom knows as the son of god Jehovah, Jesus Christ. This belief is only marginally correct. The Spirit in Jesus is, of necessity and not by spiritual origin, the son of god Jehovah but, entirely and completely, the original son of god, the Ultimate Truth, our only true Father in Heaven. Therefore Jehovah is a mere minion in the all-pervasive architecture of the spiritual realm and god over a virtual realm called physical universe.

Jesus as man is considered the son of god, Jehovah, because he was born of his Holy Ghost through Mary into the physical universe. But that conception and birth only produced a man. What I am stressing is that the spirit in Jesus is entirely derived from the true, highest form of spirit, the father; the being whom Jesus calls his father and of whom he said that he was not known on earth before. Jesus’ human body is only a mental construction of a very low-level fiction while his spirit is the highest form possible in true reality. Jesus confirmed this by stating, “I was before the world was made“. His spirit thus could not proceed from the god of the physical universe. He existed before even the idea of a universe existed; and his authority is higher than all authority, meaning that he is son of the father because the father is love who relinquished all authority and placed it in his son. Jesus in spirit is the very adversary of Jehovah, the imposter. More importantly, since the world was made as stated by Jesus and confirmed by a bevy of the most respected scientists in the world, the world must be a spiritually created virtual reality or environment.

The master of design of the physical universe and thus its god is Jehovah, Yahweh, Brahman, Allah, and many other names by which he is known or has been known on earth. This god, Jehovah, Allah etc. has two adversaries; one in the daemonic organization or hierarchy under him, Satan or adversary, and another adversary many people refer to as Jesus Chris (which appellation is a misnomer as seen from a place in higher spirit). The better name in higher spirit for the spirit in Jesus’ is Anti Christ because it conforms more closely to his role of adversary of Jehovah. In this role Jesus’ spirit wants to remove souls to a higher more original spiritual plane of soul existence while Satan as adversary of Jehovah wants to remove souls to a lower plane in universal spirit.

In the mission of Jesus for which the appellation “Jesus Christ” applies, Jesus helped to enforce Jehovah’s jurisdiction over souls against the efforts of Satan who tries to reduce the status of souls in humans to the status of souls in animals (a much lower, permanent level of spirit). That particular mission of Jesus as Christ helps prevent the sliding of souls in humans to the lower level status of souls in animals. It thus makes sense to be a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. We know that the body of man belongs to the animal world. We are already part of the animal kingdom. Jesus Christ helps prevent our slide into the deeper and lower levels in the animal kingdom.

Therefore, the best choice is to be a follower of Jesus, anti Christ, at least if you want to ever again see the face of the true Ultimate God, our father in the highest heaven. Whether you are a Satan-worshiper, a humanist, Christian, an agnostic, a Hindu or a practitioner of Islam it makes utmost sense to reconsider your stance toward the person and Spirit in Jesus. As it is, you are messing with Satan and his mere puny, deceitful spirits. They will consume and destroy your soul.

Source by Hans VanKrieken