They sent a "bloody" gavel to the European Parliament with Wagner’s seal

The Telegraph newspaper reported that a “bloody” hammer in a violin case was sent to the European Parliament, bearing Wagner’s stamp.


Immediately after the developments in the European Parliament and the designation of the Wagner Group as a “terrorist organization”, a sledgehammer covered in fake blood was sent to a representative of the European Parliament on Thursday morning.


Some media indicate as the sender the head of mercenary group Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin (Yevgeny Prigozhin), but the information has not yet been confirmed.


A group claiming to be friendly with Wagner provided more information claiming that Prigozhin pointedly stated:


“Before this procedure came into legal force, I was instructed to submit an update to the European Parliament.”


Inside the violin case is a metal mallet with a wooden handle. On the metal part of the hammer is the Wagner Group mark written in Russian.


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