“UC Hastings Eliminates Heckler’s Veto in New Free Speech Policy”

From the College Fix (Aidan Mays) article from yesterday (see also this Oct. 19/24 item frm FIRE (Zach Greenberg)):

Students and speakers at the University of California Hastings College of the Law will now have better protections for free speech. The school updated its policy on events and eliminated the heckler’s veto.

As a result, protesters at the public university can no longer shout down speakers or cause a disruption with the goal of ending an event, according to the new policy….

The Event Policy prohibits “forms of protest that substantially disrupt an in-person or virtual event in a way that has the effect of silencing a speaker,” but still recognizes and protects peaceful protest such as banner holding, counter events, and engaging in question and answer periods as part of the “essential right to protest.”

“UC Hastings is committed to free expression, student support, and diversity, equity and inclusion,” communications director Elizabeth Moore told The Fix via email. “Our new event policy—together with the supportive services that we offer to all students – works to achieve these values simultaneously.”

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