Understanding Etheric Curses

An Etheric Curse is a energetic program that influences consciousness at any one or all levels of mind, body and spirit. This program works to deny specific experiences and to enhance the perpetuation of others. What differentiates a curse from a normal pattern of habits and consciousness is that the curse has been installed in order to perpetuate specific frequencies of energy, generally so that the entity that placed the curse can draw on and use this energy.

One example of a curse may be someone who is low on energy or positive emotion. At the physical level the curse may influence the DNA or other core programs in order to facilitate the release of specific bio-chemicals. At the mental level the curse will trigger a reaction of thought and belief that perceives these bio-chemicals in a way that continues to sustain the frequencies required by the curse. Going deeper at the spiritual level, the Etheric bodies will be ‘hooked’ by imprints that carry the links of the curse from life to life. If consciousness becomes sentient enough at any of the 3 main levels of being, mind, body or spirit, then there is an opportunity to release the curse, however this type of sentience is usually the first element that is blocked by the programming of the curse.

Spiritual energies such as the Kundalini which are meant to be normal and natural for human beings have been blocked from flowing naturally from day 1 for centuries by a curse within the physical level of the body and its release often causes trauma because of the way that the curse warps the integration of the body with this energy. Kundalini in itself is simply a stepping stone to greater realization however preventing its flow also blocks the understanding of many other hidden spiritual abilities. This blocking of these keeps human consciousness at a low level of spiritual awareness.

It is important to understand that when curses and implants are removed at the 3 main levels that spiritual power and ability will always manifest safely and without even an ounce of trauma. At this point integration of the higher light bodies can be re-integrated easily and seamlessly.

Source by Hieu Doan