We Explain The New World Order Conspiracy Theory

hi I'm Matt and I'm wondering is there a secret global government with apocalyptic bunkers underneath our very feet maybe since I was a child I've been naturally inquisitive questioning anything and everything that didn't quite make sense as I grew I poured countless hours into a number of conspiracy theories some of these theories I believe in some of these theories I don't but some of them I do hear I'll be studying the evidence for and against all of history's mysteries doing the work so you don't have to but you really should do it on your own like check sources and all that okay on today's episode the New World Order [Music] new gosh that's awful world order well yeah it's bored time new world order before I even get into this one I'll admit it it's a weird one and while I love a little iffy on this one I think there's some really compelling stuff here so I'll let you decide basically and this is kind of a catch-all the new oral order is a number of different conspiracy theories that all at least in their own ways suggest that there is one big secret totalitarian worldwide government allegedly operating in secret they are quietly pulling the strings awaiting their emergence into the public eye at which point of course it will be too late some people think it's related to the Illuminati some people think it's a Freemasons and some think and you're gonna find this one in most conspiracy theories and Steven Spielberg movies aliens it's also worth noting that some of these theories are based on anti-semitism that is very harmful and I just want everyone to be aware but whoever it may be if it may be there is some compelling information to support the idea all the way back in the yellowed pages of the annals of history so people have been around there's always been that one group who wanted to kind of stake claim to like everything you know and colonizers if you will in the three hundreds Alexander the Great strove to complete his assassinated father's goal of conquering the world starting with taking down the Persian Empire in the 13th and 14th century the Mongol Empire amassed nine million square miles of territory making it the largest adjoining land Empire in the history of the world and in the 20th century Hitler so basically if there are people around there's someone who wants to be in control but what we're talking about isn't as obvious as those guys the new world order that many conspiracy theories claim exists today would have to be a lot more low-key well China the greatest evidence for the existence of the new world order and modern day all comes down to one of the weirdest places I've ever been the Denver Airport oh it's boar time Denver Airport two underlines in one day aren't we lucky the second-biggest airport in the world Denver was open in 1995 way behind schedule and way over budget the final cost was some two billion dollars over their original estimated cost which like I don't know about you but to me that's a noticeable chunk of change way over budget dollar dollar dollar bills y'all and for being nearly twice the size of the dallas-fort Worth International Airport the next largest in the u.s.

In 2018 Denver was only the 20th busiest airport in the world it's over twice the size of the island of Manhattan so if you're not the busiest airport even in this country what are you doing with all that space Denver well one of the airport construction workers alleged that the reason for the airport being so far behind schedule in the first place was because five multi-story buildings were built underneath as well as a vast network of tunnels five-story buildings why would that be under the airport some people theorize that these could be anything from underground new world order command bunkers to fallout shelters for the global elite such as billionaires and politicians to a FEMA concentration camp waiting to be utilized underneath the Denver Airport in the future there have been some explanations for the delays and extra costs to construction such as an automated but in effective bag system they attempted to construct but okay weird stuff right but nothing suggest set a new world order specifically right wrong the airport was dedicated on March 19 1994 with a capstone inside the airport which is still on display half stone the stone displays the Masonic symbol and credits the New World Order Airport Commission with helping fund and build the airport on top of that level five of the Jetsons terminal contains some really bizarre murals murals which some believe may tell the story of apocalyptic events destroying the world with the New World Order taking over in its place have you seen these here buddy these murals one contains what appears to be a heavily armed Nazi soldier and a letter from a fourteen-year-old boy who died in Auschwitz speaking of art people arriving to the Denver Airport by car will be greeted by a 32 foot tall horse sculpture nicknamed Lucifer before the statue was completed a piece of it fell off handing the sculptor against a steel support beam in an accident that would prove fatal many believe it's a symbol of death and destruction and suggests the fourth Horsemen of the Apocalypse bLUE HORSE throw it on the board oh yeah and did we talk about the swastika this is gonna blow your freakin marble impaired to some of the other busiest airports in the country like Atlanta Chicago O'Hare and LAX a lot of people think that Denver's resembles a swastika let's just do a little test here this is Hartsfield in Atlanta this is lax and then Denver pinkie if you ask me odd shape though an airport representative has said that the runways are designed that way so that they can be used simultaneously no matter what the weather conditions components of the New World Order conspiracy theory also maintained just how strange it was when in 2011 a doomsday Comet Elenin was scheduled to possibly enter the Earth's atmosphere triggering a cataclysmic event President Barack Obama was where Denver Colorado but why though the greatest argument against any of this meaning anything or mattering at all is the question of why if the new oral order did exist would they make all this obvious weirdo stuff plain as day for everyone to see some people argue that it's just some Colorado politicians having fun maybe even drumming up tourism get back some of that two billion dollars you know the fly Denver website also has some goofs with the theories with images of reptile people on cell phones suggesting the airport contains the Illuminati headquarters ultimately the New World Order conspiracy kinda just doesn't work because there's no clear idea as to who the New World Order would even be is it Nazis is it aliens is it Beyonce and jay-z it's kind of like how flat earthers agree that the earth is flat but don't really agree on much else I'm not a flat earther for the last time a little bit of a head-scratcher at the end of the day it all does seem pretty absurd like you mean to tell me if you got a bunch of stuff you want to keep secret you're gonna put this thing I don't think so some theories positive the Denver Airport time capsule that will be open in 20 94 may reveal all the answers to these questions so maybe we'll have to wait until then but until 20 94 just like move on focus on other stuff cuz this is DOM [Music]