What is a Spiritual Attunement and How Will it Help Me?

If you are interested in the Spiritual side of life, you may have heard of something called an Attunement. In brief, an Attunement is the Spiritual “connection” of a recipient by a teacher to a particular Spiritual energy. The student is then able to use that energy for healing or communicating with Angelic realms or increasing self-love – whatever it is that the particular energy offers, the benefits will come from working with it regularly.

This may involve simply calling on the energy – such as the Reiki or Universal Love energy – once you are Attuned and letting it clear blockages in your energy field or aura that prevent you from being in harmony. To explain, you may feel resentful about your life or certain people in your life – you feel resentful. By working with Reiki, or various other healing energies, this will remove that disturbance or block of resentfulness which is present in your aura and the resentment will pass. This may happen quickly or it may take time – it all depends on the individual and at what stage they are at in their Spiritual development.

The Attunement process is simple and normally involves an hour of your time where you sit and rest with the intention of receiving your chosen Attunement from your teacher. It is simple and easy – however, you may experience “clearing” over the next few days. This is where negative energy lodged in your aura is removed by the energy to which you have been Attuned and it can feel a bit like a cold or the beginning of the flu. You may feel achy and slightly under the weather – this will pass in a few days. You may feel nothing and be just fine. Again, it all depends on the individual. Any symptoms such as these can be eased by drinking plenty of water – 2 litres or 8 glasses a day is good.

Attunements can be performed in person or over distance – it is not necessary to be physically present in the same room as your teacher for it to be effective. The beauty of an Attunement is that once you are Attuned, you normally have the ability to Attune others yourself and thus become a teacher.

Attunements are extremely useful for the person who wants to heal themselves or progress Spiritually and who chooses not to make repeated trips to an external Spiritual healer. You are in control of your own healing – you set the pace and it is a very affordable way of receiving the benefits of healing, for example. This is not to downplay the advantages of visiting such a Spiritual healer – they may be proficient at a particular type of healing that will help you where you can’t help yourself – but an Attunement, whichever one you choose, will certainly move you along the path of Spiritual development and on the road to a more peaceful, harmonious state of being.

Source by Leesa Ellis