What Is Spirit Clearing?

The Spirit World has been recognized for thousands of years. This was the realm where Shamans worked and it is that tradition that brings Spirit Clearing to the modern world. Although not often spoken of openly in modern society, we do find it recorded in the Bible were Jesus is said to have cast out demons. The media tells of the growth of Spirit Releasing in the Catholic Church. That organization reports it is recruiting priests for exorcism after years of downplaying that role.

Ghost, Spirits, Entities, Demons, Djinn begins a long list of names for these beings that varies by country and culture. In cases, releasing a spirit is more akin to exorcism, in other cases, releasing a spirit means that a spirit stuck is between realms is helped on their way. These attachment or stuck being may not have much effect on anyone, while others may try to control your behavior or drain your energy. In any case, releasing them is beneficial for everyone. Spirit clearing is a term used by healers, exorcists and intuitive to do just that.-to remove and help the spirit move on to other business.

Spirit Clearing is not something that should be taken on lightly. Without the proper knowledge and safeguards, it’s possible to move a spirit from your client right over into your own energy field. It also serves little purpose to clear a spirit from someone and not be able to heal the entry point-it will just allow another attachment.

Spirit Clearing is more needed than most people realize. When you feel tired for no reason, or suddenly get irritable for no reason, it could be that you have a hitchhiker in your auric field. There are a number of ways to accomplish Spirit Clearing.

  • Essential Oils like Myrrh
  • Ringing bells in the corners or a room-these first two methods are why priestly tradition of walking in ringing bells and wafting a censure is common. Gongs, singing bells, singing bowls, tuning forks and chimes just to name a few are also effective in removing spirits.
  • Working with a Shaman or Spirit Removal Specialist
  • Smudging. Native cultures have used smudging with various dried herbs or barks for centuries to remove entities.
  • Sea Salt is also suitable for this work. The salt changes the charge of energy and helps clear it. Sea salt can be applied as a scrub, used in a spray or a soak.

A regular routine of clearing is essential. While some of these methods are great for quick clearings, it’s always advisable to seek a professional if you don’t feel like you have gotten results.

Source by Lillie Ruby