When you Hollow out the Earth Itself

Alright, We'' re checking out the only game
where you can make surge so strong that they fold up the earth
in fifty percent like an omelette. It'' s City Hit. So, uh, yeah. We ended up programming the remainder of the reality-ruining powers of the video game. You may remember something
called the collection bomb. Before, it rose to 100 bombs. Appears like a hundred reasons
for me to call that novice numbers. Undoubtedly, you can see right here,
Bombs to spawn: 100. Prior to I go on to the truly foolish things, I figure I would a minimum of get
the possibility to try and also, you recognize, crash the video game with a completely
inordinate quantity of bombs, you know, like 300. I love just how despite there being 300 bombs, there'' s still the stubborn buildings
that refuse to get atomized. You know what? The weather condition is truly dismal. There we go. I really feel like if you'' re going to obtain blown up so hard that you'' re literally removed from fact, it should at the very least be a good day outside. 500. I assume things that thrills me is that the 300– [chuckles] Oh, God.That the 300 couldn ' t. ruin the whole scene. Currently to be reasonable– Oh, hold on. You know what? Get a much better firework program during the night. I was gon na state, to be fair,. my purpose wasn ' t really that good. It ' s like dominos just waiting. for this one building to fall over
. It located a shoulder to weep on. I despise the reality that this other building beside this one is such a great pal. It ' s like, “I won ' t let you down.”” Yes, you will.Okay.

500'' s unsatisfactory for you then. You recognize what? Penalty. 5,000. Exactly how around that? I really feel like we'' re entering into numbers now that most likely shouldn'' t occur and also– Oh, God. Oh, no. Oh, anytime you see the framework.
rate decline to one, you recognize. I'' m simply waiting for the moment where this little dark round.
opens and reveals– There it is.I was gon na claim– And also the 5,000 bombs.
inside slowly expand from the facility. [chuckles] I simply can'' t– Like every 10 secs or two, it simply obtains slightly larger.
as the video game tries to work valiantly. Okay. I'' m not– I didn ' t recognize the ball. of bombs would certainly be quite so huge. It is getting obtrusively big. Oh, my God. Oh, I produced the sun. I have legitimately.
produced the sun in the game. Wasn'' t there in the past, decided to fix it,.
and also the game just crashed. I like that I ultimately figured.
out what it took, and also the solution was 5,000. Can I get it for 2,000? Would certainly 2,000 job? All right, it'' s it

' s -. The-the-the bomb. is certainly increasing much faster. Well, the video game hasn'' t collapsed yet. That ' s a great indicator.
Now, if you-if you look. very closely at this slide show, course, this is what takes place when you put on'' t get. off that damn cellphone. I love how every person still has power. To be reasonable, where I'' m at in Florida,.
our power grid is regarding this strong. You can have a storm.
with a 180 mile an hour winds outside, and also somehow you'' re still going shopping on Amazon.com. Right here'' s something very patriotic. See that? It'' s a firework.

That ' s all it does.But what happens if we could make. the firework far more violent? Well, now we can. Explosive pressure, allow'' s try 10. Go. Oh, all right. Beginning to make the bridge depressing. Appears great? Just how about up right here? What? What? What? Ho– I enjoy exactly how individuals simply.
drive over this craziness and also like every as soon as in a while, among the various other motorists ends.
up wiping out and after that taking off. Look at that. [laughs] I didn'' t do that. I desire everybody to keep in mind,.
prior to you all drown, that I wasn'' t the one'that did this. Everyone ' s like,.

” Jimmy John ' s shuts in 15 minutes.Go.” Okay. So, uh, exactly how about, uh, 50? Satisfied New Year. Oh. Okay. That is a-.
that'' s a terrible quantity of patriotism. Did you see this one auto.
ramped off of parts of the structure? It'' s like the Spiderman of automobiles. Every person else is quite a lot unsatisfactory me, however that cars and truck was extremely excellent, so– Oh, yeah. It blew the glass right off this structure. Picture being somebody just strolling down here, and also you search for, and it resembles rain, but it'' s in fact simply. enormous fragments of glass. Hold on. I ' m just-just got ta shave.
the remainder of the building. I'' m attempting to keep it intact. Take a look at that, it'' s like Jenga. Hang on. Let me see.
if I could-let me see if I might draw one piece out without having.
the building fall.Yay.

Nope. Oh, no. [chuckles] You let me down. Explosive force: 200. They say in space, no one can hear you shriek. We'' re about to place to the test. I seem like everybody in below.
is howling right currently. We don'' t requirement gravity where we ' re going. In fact, 200 actually wasn'' t that poor. Maybe 1,000. I seem like we ' re jumping. up in numbers really quickly, however pay attention, it'' s for scientific research. Okay, that ' s rather bad. I like how it just keeps the history.
that you have, so I had the– Like these rolling environment-friendly hillsides,.
and also they'' ve just-they ' ve simply transposed themselves over here to the moon. The whole moon colonization.
is coming fairly well. All right, let'' s see. what occurs if we have a little, like, even more gravity.Uh-huh.

Mm. Can I do greater than one? Can I do a great deal of– Oh, yeah. All right. Currently, the video game hasn'' t collapsed yet,. which indicates we need to go up to 5,000. I feel like the populace below is like,.
“” Do you truly?”” Yes. Boom. Okay. One of the items of the building.
got bounced like a basketball so hard that that shard of structure took.
out the rest of these structures. Let me see if I can do that once more. Yeah. It'' s just'the particles that ' s causing all this. [laughs] Oh, wow. Look at tha,. one item of building was stabilizing on 1/80th of the remainder of the building. I don'' t understand exactly how it was keeping up. If 5,000 is that excellent,.
10,000 must be two times as good. Ultimately,.
I'' m simply going to place as lots of numbers in as I can since I still have a great deal.
of FPS on this. Okay, currently we'' re beginning to relocate the structures at lightspeed simply from the damages. Boom. [laughs] Hang on, I just– Simply actual quick, I simply require to try something. All right, we obtained price cut Godzilla. Currently, hang on,.
right prior to he reaches do anything fun.Ready? Ready? and go. Boom. [chuckles] Just wished to see if I could stop.
Cthulhu with sufficient surges. I seem like I'' m just giving him a pedicure. The only thing I did.
to the Senior God was irritate him. Oh, hang on. I mi-I missed an area. 100,000. May also, right? Yeah. Take a look at the speed. All of the numbers. Dividing by no in 3, two, one. Oh, nothing occurred. I assume I split– Oh, that structure vanished just after that. Oh. The structures are getting Thanos-snapped. This isn'' t just damages. They'' re just disintegrating. All right, perhaps that number.
is a little too expensive. 500,000. Oh. Oh, yeah. And also blast span. [chuckles] Go. Yeah. [laughs] It'' s that minute when you neglected.
to close your browser home windows. The moment has come to divide the planet in fifty percent. You may remember the bit light beam. I think the thing that impresses.
me one of the most is that was at one. All right, I just wish to get-I just.
wish to obtain half of the structure, right? Much like a little little bit. Oh. It'' s like when you try. and get it in the bathroom dish yet your bit beam misses.

[giggling] Okay, so if that is 1,.
what would happen if, say, we mosted likely to 100? It'' s sort of like it simply takes. gravity as well as it transforms it as much as 11.
It hits things so hard. that it bounces it off of the screen. Hey, bridge is closed. I enjoy how n-no one cares. Everybody'' s like, “I can make it.”” Nope. Hit hold-up: one. What does that do? Go. Possibly it just took everybody longer to die. Hit delay: 1,000. I feel like I'' m not getting.
a great deal of delay in the hit. Blast radius. So this ought to erase the entire city. I was proper. Oh, hold on. Missed out on a spot. So one of the important things that I hadn'' t. messed with yet was the real nuke. The nuke did so much by itself that I wasn'' t truly certain just how much even worse I could make it, however you can actually make.
the nuke coming down much faster. Let'' s bring it as much as 100. Go. [chuckles] That'' s really possibly much more realistic to the real rate of a nuke coming down. All right, nuke: 1,000. I put on'' t even know if you get to see it.Oh, it'' s actually so quick.
that it doesn'' t even, like, reveal up. I really feel like reality hasn'' t understood.
that it doesn'' t exist anymore. Maybe like 500. Huh? Look at it. The planet is surviving. Okay. So 100 about obtains you here. It'' s like a very controlled nuke. All the buildings are still around, but it kind of resemble the apocalypse. This cars and truck is still attempting.
to obtain over this particles. Take a look at him. He'' s still going. You ca– Appear, pal. You-you can do it. You obtained this. All right, right here, allow me provide you a boost. Oh, fuck, I unintentionally.
went down an additional structure on him. All right, possibly two buildings on him. I'' m gon na do surge pressure: 1,000. Now we'' re talking. If I do a black hole, and then I struck the great void.
with this silly nuke– All right, below'' s a great void. Here ' s the nuke. Go. The great void kind of holds.
things still together.Look at it.

I may have time to hit it with another nuke. Here we go. So, initially, you could put these little.
sticky bombs on things, and also you might place fairly a few on. And afterwards, they sort of strike up in sequence, yet what happens if we were to make.
those abusively silly? Actually, I'' m just gon na select 10. Oh, yeah. This is smart. Outstanding. All right, do it. All right, 10 isn'' t as well poor. Actually, all I did to this structure was,.
like, redecorate it. It'' s still standing. Hold on. Can you fall, please? Yes. It'' s so satisfying.
when you hollow out the building, and also then it folds from the outside in. Hey, I didn'' t state you might drop. What is this? Surge pressure: 100. I'' m just gon na do one now. Woo. Okay, obtain that nighttime appearance. In this manner, you can see every one of the red-glowing foreshadowing [laughes] that'' s coming. Here we go. I enjoy exactly how it goes in the order.
that they'' re put to. Blast radius: 10. All right, allow'' s see what one does. Okay, 10 is truly bad. Simply repairing the bridge. Simply fixing the bridge. Well, there'' s not gon na. be much left of the bridge, however okay, right here we go.Yeah, there'' s basically.
absolutely nothing left of the bridge. I'' d like to take the chance to point out, I wear'' t recognize if you could see it down here, yet the one automobile that went flying off while I was exploding that entire bri– What would certainly take place to that cable? I was gon na claim it'' s still alive. All right, gravity,.
bear in mind that time when you betrayed me. Gravity'' s like, “Which-which time?”” I'' m just gon na click.
until my finger obtains truly tired.Oh, yeah, this resembles a Christmas tree. This point'' s gon na diminish simply from the weight of the sticky bombs on it. Consider that, [chuckles] it'' s falling. I seem like NASA'' s like,. “Don'' t you touch my bombs?”” For science. [giggles] It'' s simply shock waves. It ' s just shock waves. There'' s nothing left. Individuals from planet.
would probably have the ability to see this. They'' d be like, “” What kind of celebration are they having.
up there on the moon?”” Yet we just abused fact so hard that I assume the video game'' s.
attempting to uninstall itself. Anyway, individuals, wish you delighted in.
this episode of City Knockout. Up until following time. Stay foxy. Much love.