Who Lives in the Loneliest Place on Earth

What’s the most isolated spot on Earth? Have you ever heard about Point Nemo? It’s the most remote place on our planet. The name says it all — “Nemo” means “no one” in Latin. This loneliest of lonely spots is more than 1,600 miles from any coast. Below: tens of thousands of feet of oceanic depths. Above: endless skies.

A place that occupies 10% of the world’s oceans. A place that’s called a “desert” because of the almost complete absence of life. So if you’re tired of your problems and want to run away from all the nervous hassle, Point Nemo is exactly what you need! But don’t expect too much solitude because somebody’s already living there…

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A yeti crab, Kiwa hirsuta: By Andrew Thurber, Oregon State University – CC BY-SA 2.0
Animation is created by Bright Side.

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