A Bird of Paradise!

One challenge of your adventure on earth is to rise above dead systems: wars, religions, nations, destructions- to refuse to be a part of them, and express instead the highest self.

In his little book Messiah’s Handbook, Richard Bach writes some very interesting thoughts. The one above does make me think about what I claim to be a challenge. Certainly war and hatred are big challenges; I see the results of distorted beliefs and ask myself why all the destruction? I see religions painting themselves the color of one belief and I ask myself why? I know we are all different but do we need to destroy each other for the sake of righteousness? Is the challenge of life to be right using dead systems or is the challenge to realize there are other systems that are full of life and I do exist in more than one system at a time.

Richard uses the term higher self to express another system, another consciousness that is within me. My exterior ego displays just one of many consciousness that make up what I call my self. The external dead systems I believe in, keeps me separated from these other aspects of me and I try to find peace in this human system of separation and fear. I search through the history of nations and religions and try to find answers but I find what I put there by my own beliefs of truth. My history repeats itself by creating suffering as the answer to happiness. I don’t have to suffer unless I choose that option. I can change my thoughts and change my challenge.

“A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed. It feels an impulsion… This is the place to go now.

But the sky knows the reasons and the patterns behind the clouds, and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons.”

Once again Bach explains the challenge I have before me. If I reconnect to my inner self, and allow it to guide me, I begin to live in another system. My inner ego is the sky and my exterior ego is a cloud. My sky knows what my cloud is doing; in fact it creates the patterns and shape of my cloud. By accepting my self as both the sky and the cloud I change my challenges. I live in the system of love, not death. I become the horizon, and I meet another aspect of my consciousness in physical form. This system is filled with questions, but it is also filled with answers; the answers that I search for and never seem to find.

Living in this system I am united in consciousness with all nations, all religions and war is called acceptance of diversity. I express my self in synchronicity with all life forms and do it with gratitude. The energy of the universe compels me to face my challenges as lessons, so I can grow and expand into a grander version of this connected system of love.

I am a bird of freedom with brilliant feathers that soars through the clouds and becomes one with the sky and lives an aware connected existence that loves the self I call me. I am a bird in the system called paradise where there is always room for more consciousness.

Source by Hal Manogue