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The House of Astrology – Fourth House

This has to be the most important ‘house’ of all for when the Sun enters this house every year there’s always thoughts of moving, renovating, decorating or just wanting a change of life-style. Some of the keywords for this sector of your chart are: security: Parent (opposite sex). Home: Heritage (roots). Endings: Real Estate. In […]

The Sinking Of Atlantis

Atlantis has been a word that has evoked wonder, fear and expectations. There has been arguments of the existence or otherwise of such an island. But people never stop to pause on the origin of the name Atlantic ocean, which derives it’s name from the twin islands that sank millennia ago and left indelible impressions […]

Musics And It’s Spirit

I came to the shores of my mother land, Africa and the home of my ancestors Nigeria. I m proud of being at home, being engulfed by the thrilled of the many celebrations, coupled with the rare sounds of salutations, and the merriments that makes me nearly forget that I m once again amidst my […]

My Particles Are Dancing!

” Oh sun, rise. Particles are dancing. I see headless, footless spirits dancing with ecstasy. Some are dancing at the dome of the sky. Come close. I’ll tell you where they are going.” That’s Rumi speaking from the book, “Crazy As We Are,” written by Dr. Nevit O. Ergin. Rumi certainly had a way with […]

To Find Time and Energy, Create a Nurturing Environment for Yourself

How can you enhance your productivity and quality of life through a nurturing environment? Well, for starters, consider creating new flow in your surroundings. The ancient Chinese worked to unite the energies of the heavens and the earth in their homes. (Feng Shui literally translates to “wind-water.”) Western culture, on the other hand, encourages flow […]

The Prophet Virgil?

Several decades before Jesus arrived on the planet, the Romans were already talking about a “reset”. After all the centuries, mankind was still not happy with itself. Even with an Empire, there was still the human condition to deal with. Men still could not get along with each other. They kept dreaming of a time […]