To Find Time and Energy, Create a Nurturing Environment for Yourself

How can you enhance your productivity and quality of life through a nurturing environment?

Well, for starters, consider creating new flow in your surroundings. The ancient Chinese worked to unite the energies of the heavens and the earth in their homes. (Feng Shui literally translates to “wind-water.”) Western culture, on the

other hand, encourages flow through strategic placement of supplies, efficiency measures and organizing.

How does your intuition guide you when you think about creating flow for yourself? These tips encourage you to take what feels best and create your own oasis.

1. Expand your nurturance into your inner and outer environment.

Try translating what sustains your spirit into your immediate surroundings. You might create a calm corner for quiet reflection. Perhaps a rocker near the window, or a shelf that houses your favorite mementos.

Ask yourself if you would welcome more ease or additional stimulation in your surroundings. Select one idea that would be easy to implement, and see how it enhances your inner and outer space.

2. Manifest your external values in your environment.

For example, nature is a very strong external value of mine. I look out at my flower gardens and the woods from all windows and find it meditative to tend my plants. And the orderliness of my office communicates the respect and undivided attention I extend to my clients.

How can you “gift” your values to yourself and those who visit by creating a nurturing space? What is a straightforward and affordable place to start?

3. Explore Feng Shui’s unique perspective.

For thousands of years, the Chinese refined Feng Shui to receive life force, or qi, through specific placement of objects. Of particular interest to many Westerners is its emphasis on simplicity.

Experiment by discarding the old, stale carryovers from your past. How does this affect your energy? Do fresh opportunities now flow your way? Clearing your space helps clear your outlook, too!

4. Your space affects your ability to work and concentrate.

Provide adequate storage for supplies, and place only what you need right now within easy reach.

As a simple experiment, extend your arms to your sides, keeping them just within your peripheral vision. Now look carefully at what lies within that arc. Would your capacity to focus be enhanced if this particular area were uncluttered and welcoming? If you draw a deep breath and drop your shoulders at the thought, your body is voting yes! Then, this is an ideal place to start.

5. Use the best tools to maximize your time.

Essential “tools” include classes and online instruction that make the most of your computer programs, as well as downloading updates that enhance the scope of your applications.

Here are 3 more suggestions that take time but return it later, by sparing you frustration.

  • First, update your essential programs.
  • Next, check your tools periodically to keep them in top working order.
  • And then maintain backups of important supplies, like printer’s ink and pen refills. Keep them close at hand and easily accessible. This is a functional way to strengthen the nurturing quality of your life.

Source by Paula Eder