The House of Astrology – Fourth House

This has to be the most important ‘house’ of all for when the Sun enters this house every year there’s always thoughts of moving, renovating, decorating or just wanting a change of life-style. Some of the keywords for this sector of your chart are: security: Parent (opposite sex). Home: Heritage (roots). Endings: Real Estate. In order to understand this house more fully check out the 8th and 12th houses. Any planets or aspects to these houses can help understand this very important angle on any chart.

Your life-style and the life you create for yourself is shown here, for example: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn usually indicate a life-style of change taking place as a result of personal desire. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius often indicate a life-style or changes to life-style as a result of something unexpected (even catastrophic). Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces create or experience a life-style in relationship to family conditions.

When we look at the closing years of life this house helps to understand these years. The FIRE signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius usually indicate the closing years of life will be very active. Aries will invariably want to keep creating something new. Sagittarians travel and Leo wants to live forever. The EARTH signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn seek security for their end of life. Taurus seeks a pension, Virgo can mean serving or depending on others. Capricorn survives.

The AIR signs of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra seek companionship in their closing years. Aquarius on the cusp of the 4th usually brings a dream come true. Gemini usually means doing what you want to do. Libra could end up lonely if no partnerships were formed earlier. The Water signs of Pisces: Cancer and Scorpio (in the closing years), depends on a variety of circumstances. Pisces on the cusp of the 4th can mean having others depend on you (or vice-versa). Cancer indicates family matters or concerns to make or mar the closing years. Scorpio usually outlives everyone else, benefiting from wills, legacies, insurances etc…

When you start to examine your relationship with your parents it’s the opposite sex parent that is shown here and any planets in the 4th or aspects to the fourth will help you understand this ‘relationship.’ This is one of my secrets of Astrology for you will discover your ‘roots’ when you look at your opposite sex parents, opposite sex parent and so on…

Another way to understand this house is to analyse your past and the people you’ve known or been involved with. Did they encourage you onward and upward or ‘held you back?’ You can even look at your opposite sex parent in this light. Just remember our sense of value and worth comes from within, not the outside world and the challenges you face from the life-style you create or endure are happening to in order that you find an inner sense of value, a sense of belonging, a sense of security. If you discover this then the outside world can never take it away from you.

Did you grow up with a nagging sense of guilt that you were never good enough? Do you harbor any suppressed anger and resentment directed at those whom you feel were unappreciative and judging of you? If so, get over it… this is your life and its time to build upon the foundations of the 4th STUDY IT. This is the house of nourishment and nurturing, of traditions and loyalties. How you nourish and nurture others and how you respond to their nurturing of you is shown here. Your traditions and loyalties (as well as others) are also shown here. This is also the house of tenacity and resourcefulness (ask yourself how tenacious and resourceful you are), remembering, it’s the sign on the cusp of the 4th that tells you how resourceful you are.

Being the house of real estate it offers information about what kind of house (or life-style) you need in order to feel secure. The element of the sign and any planets contained here will guide you to what makes you feel secure (or, insecure). This house represents your private world, where you enter for inner nourishment, where you nurture your SELF. Talking of heritage, this house can point towards your genetic background or family tree (opposite sex parent to opposite sex parent, etc.)

Until next time – enjoy your ‘digging.’

Source by Thomas Muldoon