Accessing The Spiritual Healing Powers In You For A Better Life

Try to see that the Holy Spirit is of you, and you are of Him. You are the spirit whose mind He uses, where miracles happen. Your holy instants– living in the now, will bring the stillness needed to help you understand that you are the spirit that abides within the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual practice is the most effective method for alleviating not only emotional and mental problems, but illness and other difficulties in our life. Healing is the work of your whole and real thought system which is of the Holy Spirit– the inner divine Self.

Healing miracles take place wherever the Oneness of Creation works in power.

The Holy Spirit will not overlook one open mind that is ready. He will offer healing everywhere He knows it will be accepted. The Holy Spirit’s Thoughts will increase in healing power each time someone accepts them and uses them as his own thoughts to heal.

Each minute you turn your right-minded optimistic thoughts to the Holy Spirit will be multiplied a thousand-fold more, and will surprise you in strength compared to what you originally gave.

Through consistent, effortless practice of this giving, even if you feel yourself being off course, or off your chosen path, you will still be at-one with the whole, which is never-ending.

Getting back on track

While there are many books on spiritual healing, your feeling of being off course, if this is truly so, is simply the ego–the fearful and doubting Thomas aspect in you, making a fuss a bit.

Simply use your inner luminous light what I call your “spiritual flashlight”–self illumination, if you will, shining it on the fussing face of the ego, and trust that the Holy Spirit will always accept your gifts, increase their power, and give them back to you. Why should this ever exclude you and me?

The Holy Spirit will take your minutes, or instants, of stillness, and carry them around the world, where pain and confusion appear to be running someone’s life. This is evident in the Holy Spirit’s manifestation in Mother Teresa, for example, and so many other givers of the real world, like Jesus, Buddha, and on and on.

Let’s take this a bit further and allow me to share a few words with you from A Course in Miracles.

You can use these words for spiritual healing prayers or meditation in the form that’s best for you. Here’s the words I use as a meditation, whenever I feel off track and need even a simple boost:

A spirit I am, a holy Son of God, free of all limits, safe and healed and whole, free to forgive and free to save the world.

To your spiritual healing powers

Source by James Nussbaumer