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The Essence Of Tantra Goddess Worship

Ancient tantra accords a place of highest reverence for the Divine Feminine – in other words, woman. In tantric practice, woman is accepted as the wellspring of all creation, and is worshiped accordingly. This is one of the first things that a tantra teacher has to bring across to his students. Tantra goddess worship is […]

The Magic of the Night Sky

I love the night sky. There is something comforting, mysterious and hopeful about standing under a canopy of swirling stars. Each summer I go camping alone in Canada’s beautiful northland to satisfy a hunger for solitude, wilderness and the night sky. Away from city lights there is nothing more awe inspiring than a star studded […]

Meditating on the Chakras

There are many chakras in the body but there are only seven main chakras. These are points in the body that corresponds to a specific area where multiple nerves crisscross. It is believed that through meditating on these specific chakras you can learn to control the energy in your body and experience everything from spontaneous […]

Tantric Sex – What’s the Difference?

Here in the west, we are bombarded with false information about tantra. Authentic tantra is the union of two souls, the art and science of joining body, mind and spirit. It is the study of vibratory energies, the union of opposite polarities, the feminine and masculine conjoined in a harmonious duet of love and beauty. […]

Thoughts To Ponder – #48

When Betty Eadie was 31, she died in a hospital after undergoing surgery. What happened next has been called by some, “the most profound near-death experience ever.” Betty journeyed to a beautiful world beyond this life. She met Jesus there. Jesus gave her a message to give to others when she returned. These quotes from […]

The Who Am I Koan

When we ask ourselves the question who am I in earnest, we have this expectation that we can answer the question. In reality though it is a trick question which is designed to push you further and further into self, until you surrender completely and find no self exists and the question of who am […]