The Essence Of Tantra Goddess Worship

Ancient tantra accords a place of highest reverence for the Divine Feminine – in other words, woman. In tantric practice, woman is accepted as the wellspring of all creation, and is worshiped accordingly.

This is one of the first things that a tantra teacher has to bring across to his students. Tantra goddess worship is not just a tantric ritual – it is a mind-set, an attitude and a new way of seeing existence as it really is.

Without awareness of the fact that every woman, without exception, is the Divine Feminine incarnate, no progress is possible on the path of learning tantra. However, this awareness is hard to inculcate in the minds of most men. Modern society has retained most of the misogynist attitudes that religions have been teaching throughout the centuries. Man is given a place of honour, while woman is expected to serve man and remain in the background.

In the context of ancient tantra, this is a major aberration – the truth is that the divinity of woman is paramount in the cosmic scheme of things. In fact, man has always been aware of the fact that there is immense creative power vested in woman. Throughout the ages, this awareness has intimidated him and led him to subjugate woman in all things. He has laboured under the notion that something this powerful must be controlled or it will overwhelm him.

In the practice of tantra goddess worship, and the adoption of tantric goddess worship as a new outlook on life, this warped trend is reversed and the natural balance is restored.

Nor is there any such thing as pure male and pure female. I say this as a tantra teacher, but every culture has known and accepted at some level that both genders carry elements of the other within them. The ancient symbol of Ying and Yang depicts this most aptly.

Yes, there is a bit of feminine even in the most macho man you can think of. There is a bit of man even in the most feminine woman conceivable. When we engage in tantric goddess worship, we adore not only the Divine Feminine within our woman but also the element of the same power within us.

For every student of tantra studying under a genuine tantric master, coming into this realization is the beginning of a profound spiritual awakening. It is the beginning of a level of joy in relationships that cannot be matched by any of the New Age techniques that hope to achieve a deeper bond between the two sexes.

Are you ready for this awakening? Do you yearn for such depth in your relationship with your significant other? Ancient tantra holds the answers and shows the path.

Source by Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta