Tantric Sex – What’s the Difference?

Here in the west, we are bombarded with false information about tantra. Authentic tantra is the union of two souls, the art and science of joining body, mind and spirit. It is the study of vibratory energies, the union of opposite polarities, the feminine and masculine conjoined in a harmonious duet of love and beauty. This yoga requires the aspirant to master and discipline his/her body and mind to illuminate the Spirit within and without. Tantra yoga can be a difficult and treacherous practice. Surrender of the ego insists upon commitment, dedication and the spirit of the warrior.

The disciplines of tantra yoga include pranayam, hatha yoga, ayurveda, jyotish, kundalini awakening, meditation and more.

-Tantra yoga is the supreme path allowing the practitioner to find heaven on earth with his/her beloved. While sex is not the focus of tantra, it is what most people want to know about when they get started. so with that in mind, let me just summarize some important facts about tantra.

-Tantra is not “free sex” or “pedestrian sex”.

-Tantric sex is more than just orgasm or the union of lingam and yoni.

-Tantra is more than kama sutra positions.

-Tantra does not require toys to achieve maximum pleasure. In fact, toys are a detriment!

-Tantric sex is never boring even if you have sex every day.

-Tantric sex is never the same. It is always different and exciting.

-Tantra is not a “sport”.

-Tantric sex and tantra practices have the ability to manifest siddhis, mystical powers, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and other paranormal powers. However, we must not allow these powers distract us from our goals.

-Tantric sex is the fast path to enlightenment, meaning you can accomplish in one lifetime what would otherwise take lifetimes to do!

-Tantric sex involves the union of two people on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

-Tantric sex bonds a couple and deepens your relationship.

-Tantric sex requires “preparation” on the part of the would-be tantric because when the powerful kundalini, sexual energy, awakens, it can overwhelm the uninitiated.

-Tantra requires a daily practice of meditation and tantra exercises to prepare you for a profound experience.

-Tantra is the sublime, mystical worship between the opposite polarities of Shiva/Shakti, yin/yang, feminine/masculine for a mutually higher purpose, that is, for their self-realization.

-Tantra can establish a seeker in a permanent state of bliss and inner peace.

-Orgasms last for 20 minutes to weeks, months and more!

-Multi-orgasms are the norm.

-Sex for 4 hours or more is normal. This isn’t necessary, however it is helpful to know in order to achieve high magical states of uninterrupted ecstasy!

-Once you experience tantra, you will never settle for less! Inner peace and living in harmonious bliss is something we all dream of! That is the true essence of tantra. As I said, sex is just a small part of it!

Source by Chandi Devi