Ascension – A Group Or Individual Event?

There’s much talk amongst those who call themselves light-workers that the entire planet of Earth is ascending to a higher level of “vibration” and it is assumed by some that everyone who is here will be swept up in a grand movement and ascend right along with the planet. The alternative scenario going around is this: Of two men in a field, one will be “raptured” and the other will be “left behind.” Although there is some level of truth in both of these scenarios, neither is an accurate assessment of what will happen. In fact, some of this inaccuracy is the result of information being “lost in translation” when it is channeled from another realm.

It is prudent to be cautious about the first scenario because of the following: When you hear that the entire planet is ascending, there is a tendency to give up your own responsibility and power, your own growth and expansion, and wait for something to happen “out there”–which means it won’t ever happen. (This is why greater and greater measures–most of which are unpleasant and uncomfortable to deal with–have to be taken to wake most people up out of their illusions.)

In the second (“rapture”) scenario, the one who chooses to take responsibility, to take back one’s power, to become a master of one’s life, will experience new insights and epiphanies that will feel glorious, that willfeel like rapture, but that doesn’t mean he will go “poof” and disappear from this planet, leaving his clothes behind. Rather, his consciousness will “ascend;” he will become more enlightened. (The one who’s “left behind” will take responsibility and become enlightened a bit later…or perhaps in another lifetime…when he’s more ready.)

Each individual has to do the work of ascending his or her own consciousness, the most important step of which is to follow one’s inner guidance such that one fulfills the unique contribution that will help create the new earth, the Golden Age on Earth. I know this because of firsthand experience of the ascension process, not because I channel because technically, I don’t. I also say what I mean and am responsible for my words. On the other hand, those who channel often absolve themselves of responsibility when they say that on their own, they could not come up with the information they come up with when they channel other beings. (And this somehow is supposed to give them more credence.)

In any case, I recognize wisdom when I hear it and I was recently blessed to hear the group soul “Ra’An” discuss Ascension. (Ra’An is channeled through Terry Brown, who is connected with Wynn Free.) A listener of Wynn Free’s show asked whether everyone will ascend along with the Earth as the entire Earth was ascending. I am including Ra’An’s response here because I know many people still rely on channeled material for answers to these types of questions. (Notice how easily many give up their own mind power to those who are supposedly in the “higher realms”…particularly in light of the fact that ascending in consciousness requires the greater use of one’s own inner guidance, mind power, and discernment.)

The following is an excerpt of Ra’An’s answer: “…One should not merely assume they are ascending just by virtue of the fact that someone said the whole planet is ascending. It is an individual thing and as we have mentioned, road-blocks can come in the way by man-made interference in the process. For instance, road blocks in economic harmony and slanting outcomes by manipulating products, transport of products, economic difficulties such as lack of jobs by slanting the money so that individuals will run into difficulties which will hold them back from an open heart and full expression within their God-given rights to interact with others. That is our answer.”–Ra’An channeled by Terry Brown, July 13, 2011

I wonder: Are these economic road-blocks part of the “measures” being taken to help wake people up out of their illusions? Certainly, I have experienced economic measures on my own path of ascension…which I am just recently rising up from, now that I have fulfilled the core of my unique contribution.

The reason that many ought to be able to ascend this time around is that we are in the age of the Internet and information is readily available at the click of a mouse–not because we will be automatically swept up. Actually, I found the ascension process to be quite the opposite of automatic, requiring the deliberate expansion of one’s consciousness and then deliberate changes in one’s behavior and life direction.

Indeed, another recent channeling from an “ascended master” advises the following: “It is time to take your steps to the next level, that of self-responsibility and self mastery…Each of you is capable of achieving greater things than you have ever dreamt possible.–Hilarion, July 31-August 6, 2011, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff.

I have stated before that rather than viewing Ascension as some mass event happening “out there,” you as an individual must focus on raising your consciousness by reconnecting with your higher self and following through with your inner guidance so that you fulfill your unique contribution to this planet. Unless people stop viewing Ascension as some “mass event out there,” there will be no mass event.

Source by Christine Hoeflich