Bible Corruption and the Prophecies Of Isaiah

Religious organisations of the Christian following concentrate mainly on the New Testament as a source for their practices and sermons. They rarely visit Old Testament prophecies such as Isaiah, unless it’s something to strengthen their point about God. When the Spirit commissioned me to remove the wall of blindness it was Isaiah that opened up the pathway to understanding the corruption and deceit in it.

My reincarnation and link to the Spirit of the Universe, the real God and the intelligence that controls all things, brought many surprises. While aware that my experience is something not spoken of in churches it is mentioned in the bible and Isaiah explains why.

The work details messages given by God for the future of what are called therein the Children of Israel. These are those who are spiritual and with whom it communications (Isaiah 29;9-11). This states that through tongues messages can be received by them. My link, however, enabled a closer bond because it has guided me throughout my life.

It also mentions Zion (ibid 29:16) as the place where the foundation stone is found to deliver them at the end. In Micah 4:1 we learn of Mount Zion as something that will appear at the end of days and be the highest point from which the Spirit will speak to the world. It has arrived and is the Internet and all are rushing to it.

In places Isaiah calls to account the makers of idols (Isaiah 45:14-18) and in verse 45:8 it confirms that heaven and hell are dreams that will come crashing down when the truth is realised. It also confirms that there is only ONE God and there are no devils, angels or saints (ibid 45:5-8). That means there can be no Trinity, the basic premise of Christianity.

When the Spirit led me to examine the wall that blinds and deflects from the truth it took me back to Babylon (ibid 43:14). There the foundation was located in sun-worship and the way it was idolised as the Mother God with the name ‘Mary’. Men dying on crosses dreamt of marrying ‘her’ in the after-life and from this all the dreams of heaven and virgins started.

In Revelation 17:5 it confirms that Mary is BABYLON THE GREAT, where it is written in capital letters to emphasise the point. To allow the work of 666, who established the Catholic Church around this god, the Spirit caused the corruption in the bible (ibid 19:11,12). That was in order to bury the truth so only the spiritual people who have stayed loyal to it throughout the day of the lord will know it.

Now everyone is back who have ever lived (ibid 27:19) and the bible is now being unravelled and the real Word of God revealed (ibid 29:18). The one who has brought the devastation over the earth is the Assyrian who is also Constantine. His time is up and the things he did are revealed (ibid 31:7,8).

This is the reason religious preachers do not look to Isaiah for their material. It is examined here only in part but with enough information to allow the reader to study it with an open mind and hear the voice of the Spirit of the Universe speak back to them.

Source by Norma Holt