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Psychic Predictions in Dreams and Nightmares: Use Them to Change Your Reality

Distinguishing Psychic Dreams from Nightmares This article will focus on psychic premonitions and dreams, emphasizing the difference between psychic dreams and nightmares, and the positive insights that both provide. I have been asked a number of times, whether a recurring nightmare could be a telepathic message, containing psychic predictions about negative future manifestations. The thought […]

The Spiritual Journey

The majority of our actions have some emotional habit or impulse at their source and could be better classified as reactions. However, conscious action is determined and directed by our thinking and this has two aspects in function. The lower mind or Manomaya Kosha deals with the material and concrete subjects is most active in […]

Human Encounters With Spiritual Beings

MUCH of life we’re so wrapped up in our own world of problems and dreams we barely recognise the same reality’s going on in every other person we encounter. Yet the range and style of our intrapersonal realities is as diverse as the stars are. Although we’re all incredibly different, there’s something intrinsically the same […]

Spiritual Books

Spiritualism is the study of experiences of our ancestors. They have made religions for the benefits of coming generations. The religion gives the directions to take actions in communities which are values of spiritualism. For example, the Hindu’s burn the corpse while the Christian’s bury it. Different communities in the world have made their spiritual […]

Book Review of "Journey of Dreams" by Joan Bridgeman

Journey of Dreams: 40 Years of Dream Keeping [Paperback] by Joan Bridgeman 352 pages, $12.95 ISBN-13: 978-1456514761 Nonfiction Since dreaming is a common occurrence for us all, one would think we would have discovered a purpose for dreaming by now. Sadly, no consensus exists to answer the question of “why” humans dream. Theories abound insinuating […]

Dreams – Showing the Real Me?

Brain-scientists have discovered that during dreams, the brain is electrically active like when we are awake. However, it is active in a chemically different way. Certain chemicals present during waking are reduced by half during non-dream sleep and are absent altogether during dream sleep. And so, science explains dreaming as just a by-product of these […]