False-Self: Can ‘Spirituality’ Cause Someone To Develop A Superiority Complex?

If someone is spiritual, it can mean that they are ‘in this world but not of this world’ and have a deeper connection to themselves and nature. They will know that there is more to life than what their five senses would have them believe.

So, while their mind, along with their eyes, will create the impression that they are separate from everyone and everything, they will know that this is just an illusion. Through having this understanding, they will be less likely to get caught up in what is going on externally and do their best to be kind to others and the earth.

Part of the Human Experience

Still, although they will be this way, like every other human being on this earth, they will have issues to deal with. It is then not going to be possible for them to always act in a conscious manner.

They may realise that they are a perfectly imperfect human being and therefore, they are not here to get everything right. If they were to hold themselves to such high standards, it would be hard for them to be compassionate towards themselves and to just be.

No Better or Worse

Having a deeper connection to themselves and the understating that they are more than their physical body won’t cause them to believe that they are superior to others. If they ever have this point of view, they will know that they are caught up in their ego-mind.

This will be the part of them that operates from a place of duality, and this means that there will be no middle ground. Another person will then be superior or inferior, or good or bad, there is no grey.

A Time to Present

Once they have acknowledged this, they can take a step back and look into what is going on. This could be a sign, for example, that they have an inner wound that needs their attention and presence.

The key will be for them to notice what has happened, without blaming themselves for what has taken place. After all, what took place will have happened automatically; it won’t be something that they consciously chose to experience.

It Doesn’t End

Considering this, they may see that as ‘enlightened’ as they may be in one moment, they can be anything but ‘enlightened’ in the next. Therefore, this won’t be something that is achieved and that’s the end of it; it will be an endless process.

They may understand that if they wanted to stay in an ‘enlightened’ state, they could go and live in a cave or on the top of a mountain, away from the rest of humanity. The reason for this is that their issues will come to the surface around other human beings, which is why it is easy to be ‘enlightened’ in the middle of nowhere.

In Balance

When someone can relate to the above experience or one that is similar, they will be in touch with their true-self. By having this connection to themselves, they will be in tune with their spiritual nature; it won’t be seen as something that is separate from them or be used to elevate them above others.

In other words, they will be connected to their body and this will allow them to be grounded in their spirituality. Consequently, the human experience won’t be seen as something that they need to reject or evolve out of; it will be seen as something for them to embrace.

Another Scenario

Now, although someone can be connected to their body and, a result of this, connected to their spiritual nature, they can also be in a position where this is something that is more of a mental experience. Said another way, this won’t be an embodied experience; it will be an identity that they have created.

This is not to say that they will be completely estranged from this part of them, just that it won’t be integrated with the rest of them. Still, thanks to this identity, or false-self that they have created, they will be able to see themselves as being better than others.

An Upgrade

They are then not going to have a normal ego-mind; they will have a spiritual ego. This part of them will use spirituality and spiritual teachings as a way to prove that they are better and more evolved than others.

As they lack a strong sense of self, they will have merged with their ego-mind. Without a strong sense of self and, thus, a felt sense of their own value, they will need to elevate themselves above others in order to feel good about themselves.

Two Extremes

They won’t have a strong core that will allow them to feel good and valuable without needing to compare themselves with others. A big part of the identity that they have formed can be that they are “awake” and “high vibration”, with most people being “asleep” and “low vibration”.

Below this false-self, a self that allows them to feel good about themselves, is likely to be a lot of toxic shame. If they were to let go of this self and to embrace how they truly feel, they could end up feeling really bad about themselves.

A Defence

They will then project an image of being better than others, but this will belie how they really feel about themselves. Ultimately, their need to be better than others will be a way for them to keep their true feelings at bay.

Also, what they perceive as being ‘out there’ will be a reflection of the part of themselves that they are unable to acknowledge. What this illustrates is that although they can reject the parts of themselves that they don’t like, these parts will still have an effect on their life.

A Traumatic Time

When it comes to the inner and outer world, this can be seen as another creation of the ego-mind. There is then no inner or outer world; there is just one experience, and what is taking place in one’s consciousness is what defines what they experience.

Anyway, as to why someone would carry toxic shame, it can be due to what took place during their early years. Perhaps this was a time when they were abused and/or neglected on a weekly, if not daily, basis.


This would have stopped them from developing a strong sense of self and caused them to believe that they were inherently defective. With what is going on within, it could be said that they were destined to be drawn to something that would allow them to feel better about themselves.


If one can relate to this, and they are ready to change their life, they may need to reach out for the support of a therapist or healer. This will allow them to develop a strong sense of self, to embrace their inherent worth and to become more integrated.

Source by Oliver JR Cooper