Path to Self-Fulfillment

Classic author, James Addison wrote, “there are three grand essentials to happiness in this life.”

They are “something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”

Our values are the foundation of our true selves.

They set the path to pursue goals that add real meaning to life.

A future with a purpose opens the door to opportunities.

*Visualize your ideal self.

*Visualize your ideal lifestyle.

Something to Do!

*Know what you want to be.

*Where you want to be.

*What you would like to do.

*What you would like to achieve.

Goals provide the direction from where dreams take off.

Goals that seem complicated can be broken down into smaller step-by-step sub-goals.

Desire is the generating power of action.

We naturally do best in the things in which we are interested.

Meaningful life makes the best use of the capacities that we are endowed.

The ideals of good health, achievement, the realization of natural abilities and the ideal of inner peace lead to self-fulfillment.

Creative activities provide us with a healthy and enriching diversity.

They offer new challenges and new experiences to the lifestyle of your dreams.

Something to Love!

Love offers security and stability with someone you can trust and are comfortable.

This kind of love is unconditional and Divinely intended to unite two people.

In the spiritual sense, love is motivated by a strong desire to serve our fellow human being without expecting anything in return.

Jesus Christ says, “This is the way to a meaningful, just and wholesome existence.”

The wonderful attributes of compassion are selflessness, goodness and empathy.

When we reach out to those in need, hold the hand of those in sorrow or, we give a helping hand, we are living out the Vision of God.

Something to Hope For!

The strength of hope is desire.

Desire provides the resourcefulness to approach a problem or a goal with a positive mindset.

In the Bible hope leads to faith.

Jesus said to him, “‘If you can, all things are possible for one who believes.”

Problems, difficulties, fears and setbacks cause mental restlessness.

We need to learn from our weaknesses and be thankful for the things we have.

We need to make time for the people we love and spend time enjoying the wonderful beauties of nature.

No matter what the weather, making time to “stop and smell the roses” always brings “sunshine.”

A clear conscience is essential for true happiness.

Simplicity provides the intangible resources of “time,” “peace of mind,” and “contentment.”

A happy life is characterized by feelings of joy, contentment, and fulfillment.

The unseen currents of tranquility flow out through spiritual inspiration from the effects of stress, anxiety and worry.

And, we can find peace of mind that transcends all distractions that can only come from God and our dear Lord, Jesus Christ.

Source by Andrew Papas