Book Review of "Journey of Dreams" by Joan Bridgeman

Journey of Dreams: 40 Years of Dream Keeping [Paperback]

by Joan Bridgeman

352 pages, $12.95

ISBN-13: 978-1456514761


Since dreaming is a common occurrence for us all, one would think we would have discovered a purpose for dreaming by now. Sadly, no consensus exists to answer the question of “why” humans dream. Theories abound insinuating that dreams are necessary for our development and others maintain that dreams are merely the underpinnings of the dreamer’s subconscious.

Into this fray comes Joan Bridgeman, who has written a captivating treatise covering forty years of her dream experiences. From the outset, it is impressive to note the tenacity required to type and catalog four decades worth of dreams – particularly in an era where the cataloging was done on a manual typewriter. Bridgeman gives the reader a very personal glimpse of her life and the ardor which surrounds single parenting, remarriage, and the tumultuous waters of career change. Perhaps the only real anchor for her during these years was the reality demonstrated by her dreams.

Bridgeman came to trust that her life is guided by spiritual beings who explain life’s nuances in the dreamscape. Certain dreams are meant to foretell doom, unexpected change, or even unanticipated light at the end of the tunnel. These guides are in place to ensure the dreamer does not deviate from the master plan determined for her life. Such revelation encouraged the author to trust her instincts which had been corroborated by various disclosures in her dreams. If many of your dreams actually came true…would it make you more interested in writing them down?

Woven into this biological dissertation is an exposure to various paranormal concepts; such as, astral travel and OBE’s (out-of-body experiences). Throughout history, various cultures have endorsed the idea that a separate “astral body” disconnects from the physical body during sleep and is free to travel along the astral plane. Whether or not the person who reads this book agrees with the mystical content portrayed – the experiences described are quite interesting. This well-written, rather unusual book is commended to the open-minded reader. Dream interpretation can be a very revealing endeavor.

Journey of Dreams presents a unique understanding of how life can change when one learns to trust one’s dreams. As an accomplished thespian, musician, and teacher, Bridgeman’s life proves the lyrics made famous by Carly Simon: It’s your heart and soul’s desire; It’s the stuff that dreams are made of…

Review by Steven King, MBA, MEd

Source by Steven M King