Candle Meditations For Astral Projection – How Your Flame Can Bring Your Spirit Out

Candle meditations for astral projection are not really all that popular. The reason many people do not include things like candles and atmosphere is beyond me. The reason that I am suggesting it here is to show you a really super cool thing. Sorry for that lack of description but I really do not have any other way of describing or calling it but ‘thing’.

Okay, right to what I am talking about before I lose you. Candle light is natural light. Plus, what is natural, much like astral projection, is not always noticeable. When you are in a darkened room and there is one lite candle, focus on the golden presence of the light. Do not look directly into the candles light but try and see the light where it meets the darkness and where the darkness meets the light. That is the threshold.

There should be like an orange glow that breaks up into billions of particles of many different colors. Imagine a television without any reception. You know the fuzzy snow. All those little spots, pinpoints of light. That is the physical aire of air. Sometimes called the “Golden Aire.” Spelled A.I.R.E., yet still pronounced just like air. The time and space of it, of air. This is very difficult to explain and there is no real ‘thing’ to compare it to except maybe ether.

If you have ever stood up too fast and gotten dizzy and almost passed out, then you kind of know what I am getting at. When you see spots. That is what its like. Now when a candle is light that light that connects to dark and the dark that blends into the light. Try and see the meeting place of both. Then try to close your eyes and see the back of your eyelids. Now here comes the strange part.

With your eyes closed imagine a thought like your mom or dad. You will probably ‘see’ them, see there face in your mind. Try seeing nothing. It is not easy. Anyway, that place just before you have a thought/vision, where you see nothing, or a bunch of spots of every color, is the wall to the astral plane. It should have blackness as a background but I sometimes see like a strange red or orange-ish color. That is, if there is a light on. You are seeing the light. Darkness is the eternal matrix of which pulses of light exist in phases.

Anyway, if you can get passed the wall of physical seeing and your imaginary sight that is the way to the astral plane. The best way to see this with your physical eye is to use meditation in candle light. Try to imagine yourself inside the flame only it is cooling, soothing. Then imagine yourself seeing yourself looking into the candles light. Once you get yourself confused at who is looking at whom, then you can progress further.

Concentration and focus is probably the main two factors that will be required for this practice. The one this that makes astral projection possible however is Desire! Passionately desire and will this to happen with consistency, and it will happen.

The many spots of all colors of the spectrum are mention in and on the cover of the best book on the subject. The book by Ophiel that I have mentioned in other articles. “The Art and Practice of Astral Projection.” He probably describes it better than I ever could. It is also the reason I chose the spotted template for my blog astral development. Utilize candle light with your meditations and try to see between the light and the dark. You will see the ether and that is candle meditations for astral projection!

Source by Jamie Alan