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The Cosmic Eggs

One of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World is reported (many years after all but the Great Pyramid had vanished) to be the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus. This great goddess has what many archaeologists and historians have interpreted to be nearly a thousand breasts on her body. It is being commented on in […]

Twin Flames and Trio Flames

There are many different terms that are used to differentiate the relationships between souls and how that meaning transcends into our human existence seems to cause much confusion. Twin flames and soul mates are just some of the names given to the relationship between two energies in soul or human form and we are going […]

Boundaries Without Borders

There is so much to say about the depth in the realm of boundaries but what I want to say today is that I’m not sure I knew enough about healthy boundaries until I began to step out of my traditional approach with horses and into a more soul-based relationship with the Spirit of horse. […]

Is Pastor Adeboye a False Prophet?

I just read a Facebook post by one of my friends, a Kenyan born US based evangelist. It is a video clip of a church service where Pastor Enoch Adeboye was shown to be combing his hair to demonstrate what God was going to do for the congregation. The lady was so offended that after […]

Blue Crystals and Minerals – Chrysocolla the Peace Stone

Blue symbolizes peacefulness, serenity, emotions, and unlimited potential within you. The Peace Stone, known as Chrysocolla possesses a very high energy frequency. Gem Silica is another name for this incredible healing stone of deep blues and greens. Renowned for its incredible virtues of peace and compassion, it enables the user to breathe deeply releasing emotional […]