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The Darker Side of the Paranormal

The Interest in séances, Ouija boards and spirit communication has risen thanks to TV shows such as Most Haunted and our haunted lives. These shows have also given birth to ignorance and the problems that have arisen from these foolhardy attempts to dabble in the paranormal. Consequently, they have destroyed lives. Walk into any spiritualist […]

The Shaman’s Path

Role of the Shaman The Shaman’s role is to communicate with the spirit world, giving respect to the spirit of the ancestors, as well as to live in harmony with nature. The ancestors are the spirits of the people who have gone before us. They have lived in this physical world and gained the knowledge […]

The Month of Sagittarius, 2011

The Zodiac Month Ahead: Reflecting upon IDEAS as AIDES What we all can expect from the forecast of our planetary skies. A MEDITATION FOR SAGITTARIUS ~John Jocelyn Sagittarius promotes the sublimation of the soul by correlating the intellect with the Spirit-mind and, through this union and transmutation, a bridge is built from the brain-bound personality, […]

The Astral Plane And Its Divisions

The Astral Plane is very real, seeming much more solid and vibrant than the Physical world. It’s a world without any need for money, work or any of the other trappings of a physical existence. Those who have visited the Astral planes find themselves in an environment where all senses seem greatly magnified. These senses […]

Armor Bearer In Modern Days: What is It? p1

Saul liked him very much and David became one of his armorbearers. –1 Samuel 16:22b In biblical days, an armorbearer was one who actually carried the shield and armor of his leader as he went into battle, often acting as his personal assistant. For example, King Saul had several armorbearers assigned to him.1 In our […]

Shamanism and Transcendence

Typically transcendence means experience beyond the normal and ordinary. It may be supposed that such things as “near-death” experiences be classified as an example of transcendence. Generally, transcendence means one has gone beyond the ordinary limitations of physical realities, that is, one has become engaged in a spiritual state. For the shaman, it means the […]