Oprah’s Secret – How a Childhood Story by the Billionaire Queen of Talk Can Help Make You Debt Free

Does the name Oprah ring a bell?

Well, if you watch TV, it should.

She’s been called the Billionaire Queen of Talk… the woman who has created a billion dollar media empire… out of nothing!

Here’s one story about her past that she shared recently:

“Not long ago, I started thinking about why I still struggle with my weight, and a memory from when I was 14 hit me like a brick.

I had just jumped off the bathroom scale when I bumped into my father in the hallway.

‘Girl, no need in you weighing yourself,’ he said. ‘You’re a nice size now, but you’re going to be a heavy girl. All your people are heavy. Look at your mama, your aunt, your grandmother, all

her people. Your whole family is heavy. No way around it!’

For years, my father’s unwitting comment followed me through all the pageants and contests I competed in and won, through every diet and exercise program, and even through the marathon. It has

undermined all my greatest efforts.”

What’s that got to do with our topic today?

You see, what we have to discuss is so unusual that I needed an example from the real world.

What Oprah is battling with is called a generational transfer, in spiritual terms.

Something, good or bad, that is transferred from one generation to another.

In the Bible, Paul talks about yet another form of this transfer.

In 2 Timothy 1:5 we read:

“When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother

Eunice; and I am persuaded that in thee also.”

Here, something called faith is being transferred from grandmother to mother to son – 3 generations. A good thing in

this case.

Generational Transfers

It’s not always good things that are being transferred. Take Oprah’s case, for example. The father was merely reinforcing the fact that everyone in her mother’s family line was overweight … it runs in the DNA!

Oh, by the way, they also tried to tell her that everyone with her background (she’s African American) was supposed to be poor

and up to their eyes in debt.

Obviously, she’s fought and won that battle.

1st Principle

– how did you get into debt?

– why are you having such a struggle in your finances?

– why do you find yourself in chronic scarcity (not even able to pay your bills) from time to time?

– why has lack and insufficiency become a recurring decimal in your home?

You may not have to look too far…someone in your family line may have transferred those things to you – without your permission!

Your life-long struggles with finances will begin to disappear just as soon as you take the crucial first step to:

– identify how this was transferred into your life

– what’s keeping it in place

– learn the simple secret for breaking free that I’m about to share with you here

This is Step 1 – breaking free.

Breaking Free

To get out of debt and step into over-flowing abundance, you first have to spiritually break free from the vise-like grip of the following:

– scarcity, shortage, deficiency, lack, frustration, disappointment, disaster, spiritual ignorance, costly mistakes,

and wastage…

You have 2 options here:

Option 1

If you know who or how these things were transferred into your life (most folks have no clue) then your problems are half


You will need to speak to the thing or person (in the spirit) and tell her firmly that she should take those things back.

Here’s how one sister did it (after she realized she inherited debt, poverty and divorce from her mother):

1. She sat down comfortably and imagined a scene in her childhood where she was having a big argument with her mother … about money.

2. She replayed the scene in her imagination till it became very real. Then she dissociated from it (the mother had passed away years earlier).

3. Knowing that there is no past, present or future in the spiritual realm (everything is NOW), she called out her mother and began to speak like this:

“Mom, you know that I love you and I’m grateful that you did your best for me. However, I now realize there are things you handed down to me which I don’t want and I don’t need.

Because I am now a child of GOD and I operate under the divine covenant of abundance and prosperity, I solemnly reject – lack, poverty, debt, divorce, etc. and I am giving them back to you now, in Jesus’ name.”

To her greatest surprise, right after this spiritual exercise, helpers started coming out of nowhere… she began to experience

favor where she had rejection before!

“Suppose I don’t know how things happened in my own case?” you ask.

Good news… there’s option 2 for you.

Option 2

Many years ago I used to attend a very “interesting” prayer meeting where you met prayer warriors and prophets of all shapes and sizes.

I can assure you that a lot of the miracles you read about in the New Testament book of Acts of the Apostles were really common place there…

The way we handled this type of operation was this:

1. You go into a 24 hour fast (no food, no water)

2. At midnight, you rise up and call forth the things you didn’t like about your life…one by one (eg. povery, debt, sickness, loneliness, lack of favor, etc).

3. Then you pray this one prayer point:

“You owners of evil load of ……… (mention that thing), carry your load now; I reject it, I refuse to accommodate it from today, in the mighty name of Jesus.”

4. When you have called out and returned those things that manifested as debt, poverty,sickness, wastage, etc. you now followed up with the some more specific prayer points.

5. Finally, you pick up your bible and proclaim all the blessings of Deut.28 2-13 on yourself and your loved ones.

That is the spiritual method to begin the journey out of debt… this operation has been proven to work, if you do it right. This works in the real world… it is not theory!

Gentle Warning

Please let me make something clear here. This approach will not work for every one. For reasons I cannot go into here, 3 types of Christians should NOT attempt to pray this prayer. They are:

1. those who get angry at the slightest provocation

2. those who are full of pride

3. those who still have sex outside marriage

If you are not one of those mentioned above, then congratulations… and welcome to the realm of the eagles!

Source by Elisha Goodman