Spiritual Expansion – Universal Law of Attraction

There are many areas or ways in which you attract to you that which you focus upon whether it is something you want or something you don’t want. Have you ever wondered how someone all of a sudden got that perfect job or an incredible promotion? Maybe you have been curious as to how some people always seem to have all they need or want and more?

It is all about the Universal Law of Attraction. This means what you think about, you attract to you. If you are now questioning why there are things, people or situations in your life that you don’t want, you are right sometimes what manifests into physical form is not what you want. It is not always about you. On occasion you are caught up in someone else’s manifestation.

There are times when something manifests for example, the loss of a job or a dear friend which seems to have happened for no apparent reason. When you focus on what you do not want all of your energy flows into thoughts and emotions which cause the physical manifestation of something you do not want.

It is also a truth that no matter how you focus your energy, your thoughts and your heartfelt desires something that you don’t want still manifests. This occurs because there is, unfortunately more than a few people or experiences involved.

So how is it that all of sudden you find yourself in a situation that is not to your liking, not at all what you wanted? There are countless reasons, some of which are that it is time for you to be somewhere else or to be on your own. It is even a very strong possibility that as a result of the Spiritual or healing work you have been doing that you are no longer a vibrational match to your current circumstances, surroundings or relationships.

It is or can be a very frightening experience to suddenly find yourself facing the unknown. The unknown can filled with stumbling blocks, blocked energy, fear, thoughts of lack and doubt. You may even feel a sense of betrayal, frustration and even perhaps a great sense of loss. Everything as you knew it is suddenly and irrevocable changed. The unknown can be filled with wondrous experiences, meeting new people, fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

Amidst the chaos of your entire world just having turned up-side down, there are blessings, opportunities that would otherwise not be available to you. Clear your energy; honor what you feel and where you find yourself. Take time to become very clear about what you want, you have a very good sense of what you don’t want. Turn your thoughts, your emotions and your actions around in support of all you desire. You will begin to attract to you all you desire and more.

As thoughts and emotions rise to the surface, acknowledge and continue to heal from within. You will be amazed at what begins to show up in your life. Everything you have ever wanted or desired is already made manifest in your name in the Realm of Spirit.

I am living my Life’s Purpose more fully than I can have ever imagined as a result of my life having been turned up-side in the summer of 2010. I walk my own talk, live my purpose, sharing with all who are open to their own uniqueness.

Source by Terrie Marie